What should I do if my hair is too oily?


People with very oily hair can't get rid of the oil just by washing their hair. Although washing my hair was refreshing for a while, my hair became oily soon, and the problem still couldn't be solved. So, what to do if your hair is too oily? 1. Oral vitamin B Vitamin B group is the best vitamin for hair. It can not only promote hair growth and prevent hair loss, but also effectively reduce the greasy degree of hair.

Oral vitamin B complex can form niacin in the body, this component can inhibit oil secretion, and vitamin B complex is a water-soluble vitamin, it will not accumulate in the body and there is no need to worry about overdose, and there is no side effect at all. 2. Sulfur soap This kind of soap may not be used by many people for a long time, but I have to say that its ability to remove hair oil is first-class. Sulfur itself has the function of softening cutin and removing oil and fat. After sulfur contacts with skin and tissue secretions, it will generate polysulfide compounds such as hydrogen sulfide and pentasulfuric acid. It has a very strong bactericidal ability. It can last for many days.

Now it’s okay to use once in a while, but don’t use it every day. 4. Trimming the hair The longer the hair, the more it will droop under the action of gravity, and the greater the pulling force on the hair roots, so the easier it is to produce oil and look flat. It is recommended that people trim their hair at least once a month, which can not only help control oil, but also have a certain protective effect on hair roots.

5. Maintain adequate sleep. Some people who stay up late will find that their hair is oily after waking up the next day. This is because irregular sleep prevents hair from getting an effective rest. :.

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