Are you still washing your hair in a wrong way?


Shampoo poured directly on the head? High temperature shampoo? Conditioner residue? Let dry naturally? These are all misunderstandings about shampooing. 1. Pour the shampoo directly on the hair. Shampoo is an alkaline cleaning agent, which will stimulate the scalp cells and easily cause hair loss and dermatitis. It is recommended to lather the shampoo first, and then apply it evenly on the hair.

Gentle massage is also required when cleaning the hair roots, do not scratch vigorously, even if the scalp is itchy, do not scratch hard, otherwise the more you wash, the more itchy, and even cause scalp damage. 2. The water temperature is too high when washing hair. When washing hair, the water temperature is too high will damage the cuticles and scalp. For oily scalp, high temperature will also stimulate the sebaceous glands and increase the oiliness of the scalp. The most suitable shampoo temperature should be controlled between 38°C and 40°C.

3. The conditioner is not clean. When using the conditioner, do not let the conditioner touch the scalp, let alone use it for too long, just leave it for about 5 minutes before rinsing. If the conditioner stays for too long, not only will it not enhance the nourishing effect, but it will also burden the hair cuticle. Therefore, after applying the conditioner, rinse it in time and clean it.

4. If you don’t dry your hair in time after washing, some people think that the hair dryer will damage the hair, and they like to dry the hair naturally. In fact, let the wet hair dry naturally, and the open hair cuticles are more likely to absorb dust. It is best to use a hair dryer to dry the hair, as long as the distance and temperature are controlled, it will not cause damage to the hair.


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