Five techniques to solve the problem of hair split


The hair is very frizzy, looks messy, like weeds, and split ends, how to take care of it? 1. Scallion mud hair care First mash the onion into mud, wrap it with gauze, and use it to gently pat the scalp, so that the onion juice can be evenly applied to the scalp and hair. After a few hours, wash your hair to get rid of annoying dandruff. 2. Grapefruit core hair care Use 25 grams of grapefruit core, soak in boiling water, dry, apply its juice on the hair root, or apply it with ginger, two or three times a day, it can treat baldness, yellow hair, and accelerate hair growth.

Mature vinegar for hair care Take 150ml of mature vinegar, add 1kg of warm water, and stir well. Wash your hair once a day with this liquid, which can remove dandruff and itching, prevent hair loss, and effectively reduce hair splitting. 3. For hair care with honey egg oil, use a spoonful of honey, a raw egg yolk, a spoonful of vegetable oil, two spoonfuls of shampoo and an appropriate amount of onion juice, mix well, and apply on the scalp.

Put on a plastic film hat, and keep applying heat with a wet towel outside the hat. After an hour or two, wash your hair. If you insist on once a day, after a period of time, you can relieve the symptoms of thinning hair.

4. Tea hair care After washing the hair, rinse it with tea water to make the hair black, soft and shiny. 5. Apply hair tail oil, shiny oil, and use mild shampoo:.

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