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Hair care, like skin care, requires careful care. How can hair care be better? 1. Comb your hair before shampooing Before washing your hair, you must first comb your hair with a dampened comb to let the dirt and dust on the scalp float on the surface, and then wash your hair to clean it more thoroughly. If you have straight hair, you can choose a relatively dense flat comb, and if you have curly hair, you should choose a relatively sparse comb to comb.

2. Use conditioner first and then shampoo. Most people will use shampoo first and then conditioner when washing their hair. In fact, the order should be reversed to allow the hair to absorb more nutrients. First use the conditioner to apply from the root to the end of the hair. After the nutrients are fully absorbed, then use shampoo to wash it off. Be sure to wash it clean, and the conditioner should not remain in the hair root. 3. Do not blow your hair in a hot and humid bathroom. The hot and humid environment in the bathroom will make your hair more frizzy. It is best to dry your hair outside the bathroom or after the fog in the bathroom recedes. Remember, blowing with cold wind can reduce the damage to the hair oh.

4. The order of blowing hair When blowing hair, the hair dryer should be blown 6 inches away from the scalp. At the same time, blow your hair from top to bottom. :.

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