Three tips for hair maintenance


1. Maintenance of soft and slender hair Soft hair is not only slender, but also inelastic, not easy to fluffy, and the hairstyle is not easy to last. Additionally, if not groomed regularly, hair can become dry, red, and prone to damage. Usually, you can apply some lotion to prevent the hair from drying, so as to avoid static friction when combing, and control the temperature of the hair dryer when blowing.

At the same time, for people with soft hair, when combing their hair, spray some perm liquid on their hair, which will make the hair full of elasticity and strength, make the hair lasting, and increase the fluffy feeling of the hair at the same time. When perming, don't curl the hair too tightly at the roots, and make the front part fluffy. 2. Maintenance of easy-to-break and split-end hair To protect the hair, first of all, to prevent external stimulation, a thin layer of oil film should be applied on the surface of the hair, which can protect the hair.

To apply an oil film to the hair, it must be done after shampooing. Do not rub your hair together when shampooing to avoid damage. Secondly, regular trimming can also avoid hair forks.

3. Maintenance of thick and hard hair Coarse and hard hair is healthier than soft and slender hair, but it lacks flexibility and is difficult to modify. Coarse, hard hair should be sprayed with this medicated lotion continuously when it is blown and shaped. It is best to apply some hair oil frequently to maintain a beautiful hairstyle. :.

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