Winter shampoos and hair care secrets, care for the hair natural and healthy


How to protect the hair in winter? The climate is dry in winter, the hair tends to dry out, fall off, and appear dull and vibrant. So do you know how to take care of your hair in winter? The following is a study. Yogi will give you some common sense of hair care in winter 2019. Winter is coming, when the girls are discussing how to maintain the skin and how to replenish water, have you ever thought that the hair on your head is also dry and screaming.

How to maintain your hair so that it is no longer dry, I will give you a tip today. A group shouted in unison in the corner: "You should also care about the hair loss stars!" Yes, the hair loss stars are also fighting against this frizzy season! The phenomenon of combing out a handful is happening every day in this heinously dry season. For people with strong hair, hair loss is actually not a big concern.

But for girls with thin hair, this is a big deal. Especially for girls who have dyed and permed their hair all the year round, if they comb it casually in the morning, the comb will be tightly entangled with the hair immediately. What can be tolerated, what can't be tolerated! So strong hair is imperative! Do you know how to wash your hair properly? 1. Shampoo must be foamed in the palm of your hand; 2. Do not pile your hair on the top of your head and wash it; stroke your hair from top to bottom to wash; 3. Usually use a little more force to rub your scalp to prevent hair loss; No separation; 5. Dry your hair before using conditioner; 6. Dry your scalp quickly to reduce hot air damage; 7. When shampooing, the water temperature should be from high to low.

In fact, throughout the year, the deepest love we can do for hair is to wash our hair frequently. Of course, many friends know that the ends of the hair are prone to split ends, so we need to use some conditioners to nourish the ends of the hair. :.

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