The white hair becomes black without hair dye. Eat \"it\" every day.


Modern medicine believes that white hair is mainly caused by the reduction of hair melanin formation, the weakening of the function of melanin formation by melanocytes, and the reduction of the activity of tyrosinase. Gray hair may be caused by excessive emotional tension, excessive brain use, anxiety, panic, nerve trauma, etc. In addition, gray hair may also occur when chronic wasting diseases occur. In fact, gray hair is also closely related to our daily life. Nervous emotions and normal work pressure will affect the secretion of human hormones, so we must maintain a good mental state, especially people who often stay up late and use their brains, which are more likely to cause hair loss Therefore, a good work and rest time is very important, and sleep time must be guaranteed.

Eating more black food at ordinary times can make white hair turn black slowly, especially mulberry, which can also resist oxidation. The causes of our gray hair are all caused by insufficient liver and kidney qi and blood, and people with a lot of gray hair should remain optimistic and avoid excessive mental stimulation. In addition, a reasonable diet is closely related to hair health. Below, Yogi found several foods that can nourish our body.

This way, you can nourish your body better inside and out! If you have white hair, you should pay more attention to your diet, eat less spicy and stimulating food, and mix some honey in the morning and evening to have a good care effect on hair and skin. In addition, the sugar in natural honey is easily absorbed by the body, but for men, eating more honey can effectively nourish your body, and your hair will gradually turn black. Lemon contains fruit acid, which can inhibit gray hair and is less irritating to scalp and hair.

Specific method: Squeeze the lemon juice, filter the juice, apply it on the white hair, once a day, and you will see the effect after a period of time. In China, with the pursuit of fashion and beauty, and the increasing pressure of social competition, some problems with hair quality continue to emerge. In the long run, this is also the process by which manufacturers gradually discover the potential needs of consumers and segment the market, and it is also the ultimate orientation of differentiated marketing.

Therefore, under the unremitting efforts of Guangzhou, after repeated experiments, a functional product for cleaning black with clean water was developed in accordance with the requirements of the country and the industry. Modern technology: clean water and black wash adopts international advanced microwave extraction technology combined with plant Chinese herbal recipes, passed the sensitive skin test, is lead-free, does not hurt hair, and has the effect of protecting hair and nourishing hair. This is another item in hairdressing products. Breakthrough innovation technology. Use a variety of precious Chinese herbal medicines as raw materials, such as: ginseng, Polygonum multiflorum, Dong Angelica, Eclipta, Rehmannia glutinosa, safflower, red wood, comfrey, madder and other natural medicinal materials to extract effective ingredients, combine Chinese and Western, strengthen the efficacy, special cosmetics Through continuous experiments, a series of safe and efficient cosmeceutical products have been developed.


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