What? The hair that was washed for so many years was washing the wrong!


Soft and black hair is what many women want to have, right? Especially seeing TV dramas, or Internet celebrities, etc., all have particularly beautiful long hair, which is really enviable. After all, hair can improve your appearance and temperament, and it will also affect your style and other aspects! Black long straight hair, with exquisite makeup, white skirt, in the eyes of many people, this is the goddess of temperament, the representative of the campus goddess. But it is not easy to take care of your hair. Many women often dye their hair, perm, etc., which makes the hair quality worse, and it also makes the hair volume worrying! Washing hair is easy for many people.

After washing for so many years, don’t you still know how to wash your hair? Not to mention, most people really don’t know how to wash their hair! The precautions for shampooing are as follows: The water temperature can be slightly higher once, but the water temperature must be slightly lowered for the last time. Doing so can make the hair cuticles (the hair cuticle layer is formed by overlapping of many tiny hair scales, and the hair cuticles are arranged neatly, and the hair will refract more light and look beautiful) well closed, so that the hair is more smooth and shiny , the follow-up modeling effect will also be improved. 2. Wash your hair from top to bottom Many people don't know this.

Most people wash their hair by rubbing it on top of their heads. The correct way to wash your hair is to open your hands and stroke your hair from top to bottom, so that the cuticles will not have a chance to lift up and mess up, and the washed hair will be soft and shiny. If you have oily hair, you need to use more force to push and rub the scalp to clean the pores of the hair follicles, so as to grow strong and healthy hair.

Remember to push and knead with the belly of your fingers, and never scratch with your nails, otherwise not only the pores of the hair follicles will not be cleaned, but the scalp will also be damaged. 3. Wipe the hair until it stops dripping, and then apply conditioner. Washing and care are not separated, so don't underestimate the conditioner. Conditioner can repair damaged hair, close the cuticles, and reduce the damage of the external environment to the hair.

After shampooing, wipe the hair with a dry towel until it does not drip, apply conditioner, massage for 3-4 minutes before washing off, so that the absorption effect will be maximized. Conditioner is the same as shampoo, don't think that the longer you stay on the hair, the better, too long will cause damage to the hair. In addition, for some conditioners that need attention, you must follow the instructions.


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