Do you take off your hair loss? Is your shampoo selected right?


It's winter now, and the weather is getting colder and colder. Not only are they wearing more and more clothes, but many people have also become lazy, especially in the matter of washing their hair. If you don't need to go out today, even When it’s time to wash your hair, many people will choose to postpone it for a day. After all, washing your hair in winter is really tiring. If you can be lazy, you will be lazy. However, many people will find a problem in winter, which is hair loss. The situation is getting more and more serious. Many people suspect that it is caused by not washing their hair frequently. They changed to washing once every two days or even once a day, but the situation still hasn't improved. What's going on? Two Types of Hair Loss Hair, Chinese medicine says that hair is caused by blood. When your blood is sufficient, the surplus blood will naturally help your hair grow. But now there are many factors for hair loss, one is blood deficiency.

1. Blood deficiency and hair loss Are blood deficiency and anemia the same thing? In fact, it is different. For example, when we receive a very strong mental stimulation, or when a loved one gets sick or dies and causes intense sadness, this will lead to insufficient blood supply, which is called blood deficiency. At this time, if the growth and nutrition of the hair are not supplemented, a lot of hair will fall out. 2. Seborrheic alopecia There is another kind of seborrheic alopecia called seborrheic alopecia, which means that there is too much oil secreted on the scalp, and the hair roots are flooded as a result.

This is the same as when growing rice, if water submerges the rice seedlings, it will not grow. Seeing this, everyone may be full of doubts. If the hair loss is due to excessive secretion of oil, can't washing the hair every day remove the oil to keep the hair? Not necessarily! It may also be that your shampoo is not selected correctly! When choosing a shampoo, you can choose some anti-dripping and oil-controlling shampoos. It is also helpful to prevent hair loss! In fact, proper oil is a kind of protection for the skin and a kind of moisturizing for the hair, which is not a bad thing.

However, due to excessive anxiety, tension, staying up late at night, and emotional agitation, the body's fat secretion and metabolism are hyperactive, and a large amount of oil will be secreted. So our first point should be to think of how to control the secretion of oil, rather than simply washing away the oil. :.

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