Are you still worrying about dry hair and hairy? Nursing hair school common sense, you must collect it


In winter, the reason why everyone's hair is particularly prone to dryness and frizz is that the prevailing north wind in winter will take away the moisture in the hair, and the lack of water will damage the hair scales and destroy the barrier that protects the hair core. , and then the internal nutrition of the hair is lost... 1. Good cleaning and blowing habits. When shampooing, remember not to scratch the scalp with your nails. You must use your fingertips to gently rub the scalp; Wrap all the hair up, which will damage the cuticles. Instead, you should gently press the hair with a towel until the moisture is absorbed by the towel; Best at 60 degrees. 2. Choose weakly acidic shampoo products Choose weakly acidic shampoos to gently and effectively clean the hair and scalp while maintaining the moisture and suppleness of the hair. If there are signs of scalp sensitivity in winter, replace it with a shampoo that relieves the symptoms of sensitivity to repair the scalp, and regularly exfoliate the scalp to maintain a healthy scalp.

3. Shampoo should not be replaced frequently. Choose a safe and effective shampoo. From the perspective of hair care mechanism, shampoos on the market are divided into two types: chemical daily chemical and traditional Chinese medicine prescriptions. The cleaning ingredients commonly used in chemical daily chemical shampoo, other The mechanism is to prevent Malassezia bacteria from absorbing nutrients and play an antibacterial effect, but the chemical substances will remain on the hair and scalp, which is irritating to the scalp, especially once it enters the eyes, it is very irritating, and secondly, it is soft to the hair Sex has side effects, and chemical anti-dandruff is short-term anti-dandruff. After the effective time of antibacterial ingredients, dandruff will often regenerate quickly. The traditional Chinese medicine formula maintenance shampoo uses traditional Chinese medicine to eliminate bacteria, which is less harmful. On the basis of inhibiting the bacterial flora, it will add other Chinese herbal medicine ginger that comprehensively regulates the ecological balance of the scalp. Gentle care, so that the scalp growth enters a virtuous cycle. If you don’t pay attention to hair care in winter, dry and frizzy and various problems will greatly affect the overall image! Therefore, girls should also pay attention to hair care! If conditions permit, it is best to go to a professional hair salon for care, and hair care essential oils are also indispensable. ! :.

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