What should I do if my hair is dry and frosted, you may not choose the shampoo product.


Whether you are a beautiful woman or a handsome guy, you are always concerned about your hair. If you often perm and dye your hair, over time, your hair will become dry, frizzy, or split ends. So, what to do with dry and frizzy hair? Ways to improve dry and frizzy hair 1. Use hair conditioner. When washing hair, apply conditioner to hair and comb evenly with a comb.

After waiting for a few minutes, rinse with water and then shampoo your hair. Finally, use conditioner again for care. After a period of care, the hair quality will be improved.

2. Carry out evaporation care every week. First, apply a hair mask evenly on the hair, and then wrap the head with a hot towel, so that the hair can fully absorb nutrients. Hair becomes more oily after drying.

3. Collagen shampoo can solve dry and frizzy hair. Add 1:1 powdered collagen to the shampoo to wash your hair, and you will find that your hair becomes smoother and smoother after washing. 4. Choose a care shampoo.

Generally speaking, a good shampoo can effectively solve the situation of dry and frizzy hair. Amino acid shampoos are mild, environmentally friendly, and healthy, in line with the current trend of skin care products, and cater to the pursuit of health and nature by consumers. Moreover, the ph value of amino acid surfactants is acidic, and ph 7-9 is mild and non-irritating. Using amino acid surfactants as raw materials for amino acid shampoos can reduce acid-base irritation to the scalp.

And it has rich and stable foam, mild nature, and the overall formula has low irritation. But when you wash your hair, you can't rinse off the foam immediately. You should let the hair absorb for 3 to 5 minutes to improve the effect of dry and frizzy hair. Care Tips: Remember not to expose your hair to the sun, apply sunscreen hair care products to your hair when traveling, or moisturize your hair, use nutrient-rich shampoo, do not need to wash your hair every day, do it twice a week Baking oil can restore luster to hair.

Dry hair originally lacks natural oils and moisture, so it is particularly fragile, and the hair strands are naturally prone to tangles and split ends. It is recommended that you should choose to add moisture and nutrition hair care products for your hair, such as using some nutrient-rich baked oil care shampoo. Because the hair care shampoo contains hair care hair oil essence, which can replenish moisture and nutrition for the hair, and at the same time prevent the hair from being exposed to the sun.

In addition, dry hair is best less dyed and less hot. :.

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