What are the effects of ginger hair washed water? Do you know?


Ginger is a perennial herb and is a medicinal and edible plant. Ginger contains dozens of aromatic substances such as zingerenone, gingerol, gingerol, gingeraldehyde, gingerol, zingiberone, camphor, among which gingerol is the main component of ginger’s pungent taste, and its effect on phorbol esters Inflammation, skin tumor proliferation has inhibitory effect. Curcumin suppresses skin inflammation.

As one of the brand's most beloved plant materials, high-quality ginger extract only extracts active essences that are beneficial to the human body and is formulated scientifically without any side effects. The ginger series products use high-quality alpine ginger, which is large, thin-skinned, less silky and fine-grained. Ginger is a great seasoning crop.

In addition to being used as a condiment, it can play the role of dispelling fishy seasoning, and can also sterilize, disperse, relieve vomiting, and relieve cough. In addition to being eaten as food, ginger can also be added to shampoo as a ginger shampoo. There are many opinions about the efficacy of ginger shampoo on the Internet. How about ginger shampoo? The unique "gingerol" in ginger can promote blood circulation in the scalp, activate hair follicles, promote scalp metabolism, strengthen hair roots, and make hair healthy. It is easier to absorb nutrients, not easy to break and fall off.

It has a remarkable effect in promoting hair regeneration, and strives to give the scalp SPA-level care, but also has the effects of strengthening roots, strengthening hair, and preventing hair loss. The efficacy of ginger products is also very comprehensive. The efficacy of ginger products is introduced: 1. Dredge hair follicles: In addition to the normal function of cleaning dirt, it also has: dredge hair follicles, inhibit excessive secretion of sebaceous glands, control oil secretion, and make oil close to normal Value, prevent sebum accumulation in hair follicles and other effects. 2. Improve the nutritional supply of hair follicles: Using Jiangli washing and care products can make the nutrient delivery system of hair follicles smooth, improve the absorption rate of nutrients by hair follicles, and nourish hair roots and hair follicles.

3. Repair shrinking hair follicles:. It can promote the production of hair follicle acid, the main component of hair follicles, restore the growth function of hair follicles, and make hair follicles grow healthier. :.

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