Don't pay attention to the \"damage\" -bABY hair temperature to baby!


From the moment of birth, people have to wash their hair frequently, because we all have to carry out normal metabolism. In fact, many mothers will have such a headache. When they are going to wash their hair for their baby, they feel that the water temperature can be adjusted just right. But when he put BABY into the basin, he started to cry loudly, making noise all the time, and refused to wash his hair obediently. However, the parent's "just right" may be "harmful" to the baby. After the baby can talk, he will be fine. He can tell you whether the shampoo is hot or cold, but if the water is too hot for the newborn baby who can't speak What happens when you can't express it in words? If you are a patient mother, you can accept it at the beginning, but if you are impatient, you will probably be very angry, and you have to yell at the baby, and then wash the baby casually and you are done. But mothers will definitely feel the water temperature by themselves at this time, and feel that it is just right, thinking that the child is unwilling to wash their hair.

The mother will definitely force the baby to take the bath. Some babies naturally cry all the time, and some can bear it, just bear it. When BABY grows up, he can speak and express himself in words, and he will keep telling his mother that the water is too hot, and he is not willing to wash his hair. But are the babies really saying that the water is too hot and they don't want to wash their hair? Actually not.

Everyone knows that the skin of little babies is very tender, and they are more sensitive to the outside temperature than adults, so when adults feel that the water temperature is just right, it is a little hot for babies, and adults are outside. In the sun, the temperature can be several degrees higher than the child can bear, which is why the little BABY always says it is hot or crying when washing his hair. And adults always think that they do this for the good of the baby. In fact, most of the time, they ignore the baby's own feelings to a large extent, and often say that you are a little baby, don't understand, don't understand anything. This is why after BABY expresses his true inner thoughts, his parents will always mistake him for disobedience and rebellion.

In fact, the water temperature is not a big deal. When the baby says it, you put some cold water in it, or let him feel the water temperature when you add shampoo to the baby. What you feel is just right, but it’s not the case in the world of babies. When they can’t express their thoughts in words, you have to think about their behavior. When they can express, don’t go blindly. Criticize his ideas, but listen to them more, understand them, and don't let your own just hurt BABY. :.

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