Why do you know why the hair is not shiny?


Why is beautiful hair dull? 1. Lack of water is the key to dryness: Hair, like skin, also needs moisture. Once lack of water, hair will be dry and frizzy. 2. Damaged hair tends to cause bifurcation: Hair is exposed to the environment for a long time, and the stimulation received is more continuous and longer than that of the skin. Damaged hair can easily cause bifurcation and tangle. 3. Lack of nutrition leads to dull hair: Usually, neglect of hair care and inappropriate shampoo products will cause lack of nutrition, resulting in dull and dull hair.

4. Damage after perm and dyeing: In the process of perm, the alkaline components and oxidation in the potion will cause the scales on the surface of the hair to be damaged. Now there is an amino acid shampoo on the market which can help you repair your damaged hair. Amino acid shampoo is mild, environmentally friendly and healthy, which conforms to the current trend of skin care products and caters to the pursuit of health and nature by consumers.

Moreover, the ph value of amino acid surfactants is acidic, and ph 7-9 is mild and non-irritating. Using amino acid surfactants as raw materials for amino acid shampoos can reduce acid-base irritation to the scalp. And it has rich and stable foam, mild nature, and the overall formula has low irritation. Amino Acid Shampoo is a plant formula with: Danshen, Polygonum multiflorum, flower seeds, aloe vera extracts.

Danshen: The extract can promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis, and promote blood circulation in the scalp: it can effectively prevent hair loss. Polygonum multiflorum: nourishes hair follicles, effectively prevents hair loss, grows hair and makes hair black and shiny. Flower Seed: A very effective cleansing, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial agent, it can effectively control oil and decompose oil.

Aloe Vera Extract: Effectively nourishes the scalp, prevents dry and itchy scalp, makes hair shiny and shiny, and prevents split ends. :.

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