Facillet of hair dyeing process that is convenient for operation


Now some household hair dyeing products are becoming more and more mature, and the operation is also very convenient. Most people want to change the status quo of long and straight black, and add a sense of change to the hair dyed in a new color, so that the whole person looks personalized, fashionable, and has a higher appearance value. You can choose to dye your hair according to your skin tone, or you can choose a currently popular color.

So what's your hair-coloring process? Do you want to wash your hair before and after coloring? Hair dye processing manufacturer YOGI will answer for you. Hair dyeing equipment: generally include: hair dye (hair dye cream) + hydrogen peroxide milk), shawl, shower cap, gloves, earmuffs, coloring bowl, hair dye comb. Hair dyeing process: Before dyeing: 1: Do a skin allergy test, the hair dye dose should be the size of a mung bean, and test it behind the ear or on the inside of the elbow.

2: Do not wash your hair for 1-2 days before dyeing your hair 3: Apply moisturizing lotion or hand protection on the forehead and neck, after cleaning the ears, you can easily wash off the hair dye, and lay waste newspapers around the hair dyeing area First: Put on gloves, put Pour Agent A and Agent B into a white coloring bowl and stir thoroughly in a ratio of 1:1. Step 2: Comb and dye the hair dye successively according to the root of the neck-top of the head-both sides and top-forehead. Step 3: After combing the dyed hair in order, gently arrange the hair with your hands, and comb and dye the remaining hair dye on the outer hair again.

Step 4: About 30 minutes after combing and dyeing, you can also wash your hair with warm water, then wash it with conditioner and leave it for 2 minutes. Hair that reaches behind the ears needs 1 box, hair that reaches shoulders needs 2 boxes, and hair that reaches waist needs more than 3 boxes. Hair dyeing method: 1. The color of the hair root is inconsistent with the original hair color.

The position of the hand comb dye must be clearly observed from every angle. If you want to color the dyed area, you can use a hair dye comb to comb the hair dye to the ends of the hair five minutes before cleaning, and clean it together five minutes later. 2. After combing the hair dye evenly, you can use the shower cap bag.

Thick hair is difficult to color. The warm air of the hair dryer and the bathroom heater can be used for lighting to promote the coloring effect. 3. In order to better make the combing and dyeing of the hair dye symmetrical, the combing and dyeing must follow the order from the root of the hair 3 cm to the end of the hair to the root of the hair.

After combing and coloring, start the timer and let the dye sit on your hair for about 30 minutes.

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