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Everyone has a beautiful heart. The way many people choose to pursue beauty and fashion is by dyeing their hair their favorite color. Teenagers should have cool hair colors, trendy shapes, and better durability; for seniors or people with gray hair from stress, if they want to hide their age, the choice for them to go black again is to dye their hair.

Let’s be honest, dyed hair is really nice to look at, but don’t neglect your health when you’re beautiful. Frequent hair dyeing will not only damage the hair, but also cause physical diseases. At present, the vast majority of chemical hair dyes used on the market, a few are plant hair dyes.

Chemical hair dyes contain a chemical called p-phenylenediamine. It is a dye intermediate. Its oxidation process is the fixing process of color when dyeing hair.

It is not only the most effective ingredient in hair dye, but also the most harmful substance to human health. With the improvement of people's cognition level, I believe that the vast majority of people who love health believe in the benefits of pure plant hair dyeing, so let's make a comparison between chemical hair dyeing and plant hair dyeing. The color principle is different between the two: chemical hair dyeing: the cuticle is opened, and the oxidant and colorant enter the hair through the cuticle.

Oxidizing agents bleach the pigments inside the hair and oxidize with colorants to change the color of the hair itself. Plant hair dyeing: plant pigments hair cortex through the process of physical oxidation, naturally adsorbed in the hair scales through the process of physical oxidation, presenting various colors. 2. Chemical hair dyeing with different smells: hair dyes containing chemical substances have a strong smell and are very pungent.

Plant hair dye: Contains a variety of plant herbal essences, which can emit the natural fragrance of plants. 3. Chemical hair dyes with different raw materials: During the process of using artificially extracted hair dyes containing harmful chemical components, some hair dyes will contact the scalp. People with sensitive skin and scalp may experience allergies during hair coloring.

Plant hair dye: It does not pollute the skin, does not irritate the scalp and face, and the plant formula makes hair dyeing safer and more moisturizing. 4. Different hair quality after dyeing Chemical hair dyes: Oxidants are an important part of hair dyes, which can easily affect the water-oil balance of hair, resulting in denaturation or reduction of a large amount of protein, resulting in fragile, dry, and rough hair. Plant hair dye: rich in a variety of natural plant active factors, maintaining the original fresh ingredients, has a good repairing effect, and makes hair more natural, stronger and more shiny.

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