The more expensive the hair dye, the less wounds?


Does more expensive hair dye damage your hair less? Do high-priced hair dyes work better than regular-priced hair dyes? Is the high and low price of the hair dye a different quality or something else? Guangzhou YOGI, a hair dye processor, will give you an answer. The more expensive the hair dye, the less it hurts the hair? First of all, let's understand the main damage to the hair quality during the hair dyeing process, and then analyze the impact of the quality of the hair dye on the hair quality, and you will understand. Regardless of the specification and grade of hair dye, the main ingredient is ammonia.

The purpose of using the ammonia is to open the cuticles and make the hair swell so that the pigment from the coloring cream can enter the hair. However, ammonia itself is a strongly alkaline chemical. After use, it will destroy the hair structure, make the hair thick and hard, and form many holes inside the hair.

As a result, the cuticles fall off or don't close tightly enough, leading to loss of nutrients and evaporation of water, leaving hair dry and frizzy. Another product used with hair dye is an oxidizing agent, often called hydrogen peroxide or milk of hydrogen peroxide. Different concentrations of oxidants have different bleaching strengths on the hair, and the dyed colors are also different.

The effects of hydrogen peroxide on the hair are mainly reflected in the following points: the hair becomes dry and brittle, the gloss is weakened, the ends of the hair are easy to split, and the color becomes lighter. Good-quality hair dyes simply use higher-quality ingredients, with a purer concentration of pigments, saturated and textured colors. The formula contains some ingredients that reduce hair damage to reduce hair damage and make the hair coloring process less damaging to the hair.

For ordinary hair dyes, the quality of raw materials is relatively low, and the concentration and quality of pigments are slightly worse. The dyed color deviates from the color accurately. The composition of the formula is less protective and slightly more damaging to hair quality.

Seeing this, you should understand, right? No matter how expensive hair dye is, it can also damage your hair, but it is slightly less damaging than regular hair dye and the color is more pure, but that doesn't mean it won't fade.

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