Why is hair dye pungent?


Hair dye is a kind of cosmetics for dyeing hair. Among synthetic hair dyes, organic synthetic hair dyes are the most widely used, but generally contain carcinogens represented by p-phenylenediamine; synthetic inorganic hair dyes contain heavy metals Ions can easily lead to hair dye poisoning; natural plant hair dyes are relatively safe and effective, but they are expensive and rarely used in China. The basic principle of hair dyeing is to open the cuticles on the surface of the hair to allow the pigment particles to enter. The hair dye has a pungent smell, so does it mean that there is a quality problem with the hair dye? the answer is negative.

The smell of hair dye mainly comes from the pH regulator - amine hydroxide (ammonia), which is very pungent and irritating to the skin. Some hair dyes use ethanolamine instead of amine hydroxide to reduce the pungent smell of hair dye. However, the main risk factors of ethanolamine are ingestion, inhalation and harmful to the skin, and its risk factor score is no less than that of amine hydroxide.

When we dye our hair, we should give priority to natural plant hair dyes. At the same time, hair dyes should be selected with clear labels, products with production licenses, hygiene licenses, special cosmetics approval numbers and product standard numbers, and counterfeit and shoddy products should be rejected. Avoid using products of different brands at the same time to prevent cross-reactions and increase the probability of allergies.

Try not to wash your hair two days before dyeing your hair, so that the hair secretes oil and forms a natural protective film to protect the hair follicles. Do a local allergy test on the inside of the arm or behind the ear before dyeing the hair, and dye the hair again if there is no reaction. After dyeing your hair, wash it several times to avoid leaving hair dye residue on your hair.

Strengthen hair care to make up for the loss of hair protein and moisture caused by hair dyeing, and restore hair luster.

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