How to buy hair dyeing agents?


1. Check the packaging of hair dye to see whether the product label is standardized. The labeling of hair dye cosmetics must comply with the mandatory requirements of relevant laws and regulations and national technical specifications in my country. For example, if the hair dye product contains p-phenylenediamine and other phenylenediamine hair dye ingredients , the words "contains phenylenediamines" must be marked on the label. In addition, there should be relevant warning labels, such as "hair dye may cause severe allergic reaction", "please read the instructions before use and use according to its requirements", "this product is not suitable for consumers under the age of 16", "not for eyebrow dyeing If it gets in your eyes, rinse immediately" "Professional use, wear suitable gloves" "Do not dye your hair in the following cases: If you have a rash on your face or if your scalp is allergic, irritated, or damaged; Response experience" and other warnings. 2. The key point of verifying the information of imported plant hair dyes is to verify the product information.

Hair dye cosmetics are special cosmetics in my country, and they must be registered with the relevant functional management department of the State Council before they can be imported. Product information, including name, company, and technical indicators, can be queried through the website of the State Food and Drug Administration. At the same time, formally imported cosmetics have an approval number. Importers and exporters of imported food and cosmetics are subject to recordation management at the customs, and can be inquired through the customs' "imported food and cosmetics supplier recordation system".

3. Understand the documents and understand the key component indicators, such as important physical and chemical performance indicators such as dyeing ability, heavy metal element limits, hair dye content, etc. Since hair dyes were commercialized, scientific and technical personnel have been conducting continuous research on the sensitization, carcinogenicity and mutagenicity of hair dyes. Generally speaking, products that meet the requirements of relevant product standards can be used with confidence.

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