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What brand of hair dye is the safest? You've preconceived the definition of hair dye as unsafe, so you have this problem. As for the safety of hair dye, you can rest assured that as long as it can be used and sold in the market, it is safe. If it is not safe, how can it be sold and used publicly? Therefore, the national quality supervision department will provide qualified status for safe hair dye products, and unsafe things will not be allowed to exist in the market.

This is the bottom line, no one can touch it. As long as hair dye products or wholesale hair dyes are sold and used normally in the market, they are all qualified and safe, please rest assured. As long as you buy or use hair coloring products on ordinary platforms, shopping malls, and barber shops, there will be no so-called unsafe theories.

However, p-phenylenediamine in hair dye is an allergen for a small number of people, which can cause skin allergies after use. Then there is the improper use of hair dye, or frequent use, which can cause damage to the hair quality. In addition, hair dyes are irritating to a certain extent, and it is normal for individuals to experience itching after dyeing their hair.

As long as you are not allergic and do not operate illegally, hair dye will not have any unsafe factors. Many people now choose to buy household hair dyes online or in stores and dye their hair at home. These hair dyes are safe, but there are differences in quality, and there are also damages to hair caused by improper use. It can only be regarded as an impact on hair quality, but as long as you are not allergic to your body, there will be no problem.

People who dye their hair at home are mostly people with low color requirements. As long as it can be painted, as long as it is close to the color on the swatch, even if the dyeing is uneven or slightly different, there will be no major problems. After all, I dyed it myself, so I don't care too much if the dye is not in place.

Therefore, household hair dyes are easy to operate, as long as they are applied to the hair, stay for a sufficient time according to the instructions, and then washed off to dye. This type of hair dye can also affect the quality of the hair, the color accuracy of the dye is related to the background color of the hair and the quality of the product. Healthy hair will be less damaged after dyeing, while damaged, dry hair will be drier and even impulsive after dyeing.

In this case, whether it is a professional hair dye at home or a barbershop, this phenomenon exists. If it is safe, it means that the hair quality is safe, and the effect on the skin is the same. Even if there is a little discomfort during the hair dyeing process, it will disappear after a few hours or a day or two, so as long as the frequency of hair dyeing is controlled, it is safe. If you use bleaching powder to bleach or fade, the damage to the hair will be greater, especially at home, the damage will be greater than in the barbershop, because bleaching hair requires professional skills to control, and the hair stylist will choose the corresponding peroxide according to the degree of bleaching required Hydrogen or add essence to moisturize hair.

Their own hair is all based on feeling, your own feeling is often inaccurate, it is likely that excessive use will cause huge damage to the hair, so professional things or professional people do it, it is the safest for your hair and safest practice. The same goes for going to the barber to get your hair dyed. There is no problem with the safety of the product.

If there is a problem, both barbershops and barbers should be victims, because the frequency of their contact with hair dyes is much greater than that of consumers, so no one will ignore their bodies and use fake hair dye products. Therefore, the safety of hair dye can be assured, but the quality varies greatly, depending on what grade of product you choose. The cost is there.

If the price is low and there is no profit, no one will dye your hair. Moreover, the price of hair dyeing is low, and the quality of the product will definitely decrease with the price, which is directly proportional.

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