What exactly is plant dyeing agent?


As hair dyeing is becoming more and more accepted by the public, more and more people begin to use different hair colors to show their individuality and represent their mood, and the market for hair dyeing is gradually opening up. Among them, plant hair dye is a relatively safe way of dyeing hair, which will not cause damage to the human blood system and will not pollute the environment. Speaking of this, does anyone wonder how the plant hair dye came about? Which plant do the colors of these hair dyes come from? According to historical records, hair dyeing is an ancient art. Natural plant hair dye is the hair dye with the longest history of human development and utilization. It can be traced back to more than 1000 BC. Ancient Egyptians, Indians, Romans, Germans and Chinese People were the first to dye their hair.

About 4,000 years ago, the people of Egypt's Third Dynasty dyed their hair orange and used hot water to extract it. There are also other dyeing plants: black-polygonum multiflorum, henna, walnut, saponins, black lotus, tea, witch hazel and other plants can be extracted. Red - can be extracted from saffron, sorghum, dragon fruit, pepper, betel lang and other plants.

- It can be extracted from plants such as turmeric, gardenia, phellodendron, and Sophora japonica. Guangzhou Youji Daily Chemical Co., Ltd., located in Guangzhou, was founded in 2003. It mainly produces functional cosmetics such as hair dye, perm, shampoo, and hair care. The products are sold all over the country and exported to overseas.

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