What should I do if I can't wash my hair on my face?


Thinking of dyeing my hair at home. However, due to the lack of skilled operation methods, hair dyers often apply hair dyes on their faces or hands during processing. What should we do at this time? Is there any good way to avoid getting the hair dye on the face? Here are some things you can try. 1. Prepare a "color remover" in advance, which can remove the color left by the hair dye on the skin.

2. Wet with a towel, dipped in soot and wipe it repeatedly, it is also effective. 3. It is also effective to apply the test paper dipped in a rubber strip. 4. Apply soap, wait a while, rinse with water.

5. It is also okay to use exfoliating facial cleansing oil, but in moderation. Pay attention to hair dye. 1. Prolonged use of hair dye can cause cancer, so do not use hair dye or use it as little as possible.

2. For people with low immunity, such as the elderly and young children, hair dye should not be used as much as possible. Women who plan to become pregnant. Pregnant women or postpartum cannot dye their hair. 3. Allergies to hair dyes should be prohibited.

Scalp outflow of yellow water, erosion, etc. are the manifestations of allergies. 4. Go to regular hair dyeing places, choose qualified products that meet safety standards, and avoid using counterfeit products. 5. Do not use other hair dyes at the same time.

There is a chemical reaction between the dyes. 6. Carefully read product labels and instructions before dyeing hair. If you do not know if you are allergic, you must do a skin allergy test. 7. After dyeing hair, if no allergy test has been done, first cover the facial skin, and then wash off the hair dye with warm water as much as possible; in severe cases, go to the hospital in time, and use externally. Use hormone drugs on the wound.

8. When dyeing hair, you must protect your skin, and do not let the hair dye directly touch your hands, scalp, eyes, face, etc. 9. Don't dye your hair frequently, try not to exceed twice a year, and the second time you only need to dye the newly grown part. How to keep hair dye from getting on your face.

After dyeing the hair dye on the face, many girls are often anxious, afraid that it will not be washed clean. To eliminate this hidden danger, a better way is to do a good job of prevention when dyeing hair, so as to effectively prevent the hair dye from getting on the face. 1. Put on loose home clothes, apply skin care lotion on the face and neck; 2. Apply a layer of Vaseline along the hairline, leaving a partition between the skin and hair; 3. In the ear and other places that are easy to rub and oil Put on a bag and take protective measures; 4. Wrap a wet towel around your neck.

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