How to choose hair dye is safer?


Whether it is safe to color your hair depends on the hair color products you choose. The hair dye products produced by official manufacturers are strictly in accordance with national and international regulations and requirements. The selected raw materials can safely contact with human skin, and the added amount is within the allowable amount. Hair dyeing with this kind of hair dye will not cause harm to health. Moreover, if you choose a hair dye product that is not qualified for production, there are risks such as whether the raw material can be used on the human body, whether the added amount is within the permitted range, etc. It is unsafe to dye hair with this hair dye.

Also, hair coloring is not too frequent. Take food as an example. If you eat too much food, it will have an impact on your health over time. The same is true for hair dyeing. Often dyeing short hair is not good for your health.

Our cosmetics supervision system has two types: preparatory system and special system. General cosmetics are preparatory, and some cosmetics such as freckle removal, whitening, hair dyeing, and hair growth are specialized. The supervision of special cosmetics should be stricter than the filing system. Such cosmetics are collectively referred to as special-purpose cosmetics and belong to the management category of special-purpose cosmetics. The difference between the provisions of this type of cosmetics and general cosmetics is that, in addition to obtaining a production license, the production enterprise must obtain the "National Special-purpose Cosmetics Administrative License Approval Document" (referred to as the Cosmetic Special Certificate) issued by the State Food and Drug Administration. That is to say, only the cosmetics production license, without the special cosmetics certificate corresponding to this cosmetics, can the enterprise produce.

The production licensing agency is at the provincial level, and the cosmetics special certification agency is at the first level, which shows that the country has strict supervision on special-purpose cosmetics. A cosmetics company can produce such cosmetics only after obtaining a production license and holding a cosmetics franchise certificate, and only cosmetics that meet the approval requirements. If you look at the information on the product packaging on the shelves of the supermarket, you can see that the hair dye products are all marked with the proprietary name of the product, and different colors with the same name have different special license numbers.

Dyeing safety is a factor to be considered. Without a safe premise, no matter how beautiful the color is, you cannot choose it, because it will endanger your hair and even your health. For the production of hair dye products, the country has strict supervision, not only cosmetics production qualifications, but also a production license for each hair dye you want to produce. Obtaining these qualifications shows that the production of this hair dye is from raw materials to content and production. The craftsmanship must be certified by the relevant national authority administrative agencies. Hair coloring products produced according to the requirements passed by the review are safe.

Formal enterprises generally have strong legal awareness, and have the strength to obtain qualifications, and can only produce within the scope of obtaining a license. So the product is safe. Therefore, the choice of hair dye products depends on whether the manufacturer and special certificates are legal.

(1) Looking at production-oriented enterprises, the company is a regular and powerful hair dyeing product manufacturer, and produces in strict accordance with national laws and regulations, and there are complete and clear company information on the product packaging; (2) Looking at the special certificate, hair dyeing products belong to the state For special-purpose cosmetics, the special certificate number must be clearly marked on the package, and one product and one certificate should be indicated; (3) In terms of ingredients, hair dyes that do not contain ammonia, p-phenylenediamine, and plant ingredients are better than ordinary hair dyes; (4) ) Look at the sales channels, products from regular channels are safer.

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