How long does it take to dye your hair after your hair fades?


It is not advisable to dye the hair immediately after the hair fades. It is recommended to let the hair rest for a period of time, and then dye the hair after an interval of three months, otherwise it is easy to damage the hair, the hair becomes dry and dull, it is easy to split ends and knots, and even damage the hair follicles. Therefore, after the hair color fades, you should use more hair conditioners, essential oils, and hair masks to care for your hair, and then dye your hair after three months; you can wash your hair three days after dyeing your hair. It takes about three days after hair dyeing, so that the color of the hair dye can better blend with the hair, and the oil secreted by the scalp is a natural protective film, which can avoid the damage of the hair dye to the scalp.

If you wash your hair immediately after coloring it, it can cause the color to fade. How to care for your hair after dyeing your hair Washing your hair with hot water will take away the moisture in your hair, making your hair more dry and frizzy, and overheated water can easily cause your hair to fade and lose its luster. If you don’t need to wash your hair in the shower, you can wear a shower cap to protect your hair and avoid contact with hot air. When washing your hair, choose warm water to wash your hair, which is not easy to irritate the hair, and it can also protect the dyed hair from fading.

The hair dryer will damage the cuticles of the hair and accelerate the yellowing of the hair, so it is not recommended to use the hair dryer frequently. If you use a hair dryer to dry your hair, you should reduce the gear and reduce the temperature to avoid overheating. Low temperature and low speed can help protect the hair, retain nutrients and moisture, and keep the hair soft and shiny. Ultraviolet rays not only damage the scalp, but also affect the hair texture, making it dry and dull, and the pigment will also fade.

The hair should also be well protected from the sun, you can choose to wear a hat or a parasol.

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