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There are many reasons why dyed hair does not get colored. It may be that the hair is dyed before it is completely dry. In addition, if the coloring time is not enough when dyeing the hair, the artificial pigment is not fully oxidized, which will also cause the hair to not be dyed. In addition, it may be that the hair quality itself is of good quality, which makes it difficult for the cuticles to open during hair dyeing, and the hair dye is not easy to be absorbed. If the hair is waxed before dyeing, it will also affect the color effect.

Insufficient coloring time, artificial pigments have not been fully oxidized: After the hair dye cream is evenly applied to the hair, it should be covered with an isolation plastic bag, and wait for at least 30 minutes before it can be applied. Insufficient time will also affect the coloring. Hair dye wholesale manufacturers tell you tips to make hair easy to color Do not use conditioner before shampooing: hair conditioner will close the cuticles, which will affect the coloring of the hair dye. Only when the cuticles are opened can the pigment enter the hair. After washing your hair, you must completely dry your hair before dyeing it, otherwise it will affect the color saturation.

Choose dyeing according to the original color: when dyeing hair, you should choose the dyeing according to the original color of the hair. Whether it is dyeing a dark color or a light color, it cannot be too far from the original hair tone. Layered dyeing: When dyeing, the hair should be dyed in layers and partitions. It depends on the number of layers of individual hair. People with more hair can have more layers, and those with less hair can have fewer layers. It depends on your own situation. When applying hair dye, apply a sufficient amount for each layer to ensure that each layer of hair is the same color, and then wait for the cleaning time according to the instructions.

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