How long does it take to dye the head tonic?


After dyeing your hair, you should pay attention not to wash your hair with hot water to avoid hair fading. If the hair fades, you should use more hair conditioner, essential oil and hair mask to care for the hair to help the hair repair, and then re-dye the hair after three months. Avoid damaging your hair, leaving it dry and dull. The hair dye processing manufacturer tells you that it is recommended to wait three months for re-dyeing hair. Because hair dyes will use hair dyes containing decolorizers, and decolorizers are chemicals that can damage the hair cuticles, making the hair dry and fragile, prone to frizz, breakage and split ends. After dyeing the hair, it usually takes three months to repair the hair time.

Re-dye the hair color after three months, otherwise it will cause excessive damage to the hair quality and even damage the hair follicles. The longer the time, the darker the color of the hair dye is. If you dye the hair color of the dark series, the longer the hair dye stays, the darker the hair color; The longer the time, the lighter the color. In addition to the time the hair dye stays on the hair, the shade of the hair color is also affected by the temperature and the quality of the individual hair.

Generally, the temperature for hair dyeing is 25 degrees Celsius. When dyeing hair at high temperature, the use time of hair dye should be reduced, and when hair is dyed at low temperature, the use time of hair dye should be extended.

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