25 moving head lights, professional and mature performance equipment


The 25-head moving head light includes materials, structure, mechanical properties, housing requirements, heat dissipation requirements and so on. The main considerations for the selection of lamp materials are: to meet the functional requirements of the lamp, and the mechanical system has a wide range. The level of difficulty and economy of production.

The materials of domestic and international 1200W moving head lights mainly include steel, plastic, and aluminum alloy. Under the premise of satisfying the overall function of the lamp, design the structural model of the lamp, divide different parts, and use different materials. The structure of the lamp determines its mechanical performance, heat dissipation, strength, noise, weight and other factors.

Both domestic and international 1200W moving head lights adopt double-arm support structure. The horizontal rotation of the lamp body is 540°, and the vertical rotation is 255°. The mechanical properties of the lamp body of the 25-head moving head light are mainly reflected in the mechanical strength of the lamp body parts, so that the lamp body will not deform, wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, shock-resistant, and compressive during continuous effective operation; the lamp shell The body must have strict waterproof, dustproof, antistatic, and moisture-proof requirements. According to the degree of dustproof and waterproof, the protection level requirements of different shells are distinguished: for example, the protection requirement level of indoor computer lights is generally IP20, and the protection requirement level of outdoor computer lights is generally IP44. To stop and restart, the circuit should be designed according to the characteristics of the light source.

Such products also include 25 moving head matrix lights, 25 stepless rotating matrix moving head lights, moving head beam lights and so on.

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