Und color? Fast coloring? Dye cream solve your troubles


Consumers are increasingly accepting the use of household hair dyes, not only to cover gray hair, but also used by young consumers to explore hair beauty interests; some brands have also launched products in different formulations, such as foam and spray, allowing consumers to easily Solve gray hair problem conveniently. The brand of the dye cream is something that is easy to be overlooked by everyone, but in fact the brand is also very important for the preservation of the dye cream. Products such as good-quality hair dyes or plant hair dyes tend to have high stability, and such products are often easier to store than other brands of products; the ammoni contained in the dye cream The sub-expanded epidermis opens the cuticles, allowing the artificial pigments to penetrate into the cortex. After the oxygen of dioxyemulsion begins to dilute the natural pigments, it combines with chlorine molecules, expands the artificial pigments, and combines with the remaining natural pigments to produce new hair colors. .

Dye cream can replace hair dye, if it is colorless and the same tone, then it is a strengthened color, which means to strengthen the color of the target color. When the base color of the hair is above 8 degrees, you can use a dye cream + hydrogen peroxide with the required appropriate degree; dye cream After mixing, use it as soon as possible. The mixed dye cream is easy to react with air for a long time, which will cause the dye cream to oxidize and deteriorate, lose the original hair dyeing effect, and affect the coloring. Therefore, after the dyeing cream is prepared, it must be applied quickly to ensure the effect of hair dyeing. The amount of dyeing cream must be sufficient. If the dyeing cream is not applied evenly, it will be ugly when dyed.

Therefore, the dye cream must be applied evenly, and the amount of dye cream must be more than less. When smearing, it is recommended that you use combing and dyeing to dye your hair. In this way, the dyeing cream can cover each hair strand more evenly, and the dyed hair is fuller and more beautiful.

Robbie Ougo shampoo and hair care products can effectively improve the combability, softness and antistatic of hair; hair shampoo products can obviously improve wet flushing performance and wet hair softness; hair dye cream can improve dyeing uniformity and color intensity; It is used as an auxiliary emulsifier in skin care creams and emulsions to act as a soft cushion on the skin.

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