Selection of hair dyeing is the prerequisite


Many students want to dye the same color as the star, but the effect is always mediocre. A large part of the reason is that you don't consider whether your hair's base color chroma matches; and chroma is an indicator used to indicate the amount of melanin contained in the hair, which is generally divided into 10 chroma. The smaller the number, the higher the melanin content, the darker the color, whereas the larger the number, the lighter the color.

There are so many hair dyes on the market now, in fact, there are only three types of temporary hair dyes, semi-permanent hair dyes, and permanent hair dyes: temporary hair dyes are generally sprayed casually before participating in a party, and the dyes will not go close to the hair The silk is only attached temporarily, and it will fall off after washing the hair once. Long-lasting hair dyes are more commonly used in barbershops, and this kind of hair dye is generally used by barbershops and most people. It will use some chemical substances to forcibly open the hair scales on the surface of the hair, so that the dye will penetrate into the hair in the form of an intermediate, and then form a combination in the hair for coloring.

The semi-permanent hair dye does not forcibly open the hair scales on the surface of the hair to promote penetration, but penetrates into the hair through the concentration difference. This kind of hair dye has a low degree of damage to the hair, and the effect can generally last for about a month. In recent years, hair dyeing foam has become more popular; although hair dyeing foam looks simpler, you only need to shake the two materials to apply, but relatively speaking, high-quality professional hair dyeing cream has a longer color fixing time than hair dyeing foam, and also More color.

After dyeing hair, avoid high temperature and light. You can use cleaning and care products at the same time. Robbie Ougo Shampoo|Conditioner to help delay fading. If you want hair color to last longer, hair care is essential. In addition, the use of hair care products can also help repair damaged hair, making the hair look smoother and brighter, and even if the color fades, it will not be as messy and ugly as withered grass.

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