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Hair dyes color the hair mainly by opening the outermost cuticles of the hair, and the oxidants and dyes enter the hair through the pores opened by the cuticles. The oxidizing agent first bleaches the pigment inside the hair, and then undergoes an oxidation reaction with the dye that enters at the same time, recoloring the hair. Finally, the hair cuticle is closed, so that the hair dye can give the hair a new color.

Beautiful hair and a fashionable hair color are the pursuit of many beauty lovers. The wide variety of hair dyes available in the market also makes coloring your hair easier and quicker. But many people also have doubts: Is hair dye poisonous? Are plant-based hair dyes safer? Hair dyes are divided into chemical hair dyes and physical hair dyes.

Chemical hair dyeing is divided into two types: oxidative and non-oxidative. The hair dyeing effect is relatively long-lasting, but both will cause certain damage to the hair; physical hair dyeing achieves the hair dyeing effect by attaching substances to the hair, but the hair dyeing time is not long-lasting, suitable for temporary hair dyeing. People who change their hair color. First reduce the frequency of hair dyeing. Dye your hair no more than twice a year, and keep the dyed part at least 1-2 cm away from the scalp.

After dyeing the hair, wash it thoroughly, wash off all the dyed substances, and do not scratch the scalp after dyeing the hair to avoid infection. Secondly, choose legal and compliant hair dye products, for example, you can choose some well-known hair dye brands with manufacturer batch numbers. Do a skin test before coloring your hair.

A skin sensitivity test should be done 3 hours before hair dyeing: drop the two dyes A and B on the same point on the inside of the wrist, and wait for natural drying. If redness, swelling, itching, etc. appear during the process, the product cannot be used any longer. Hair can be cared for regularly.

Use special hairdressing products for dyed hair, which can reduce the expansion effect of the gap between the hair scales when it meets water, and reduce the chance of dye molecules losing from the gap. Regular visits to the barber shop for hair treatments such as spa treatments can also have a good maintenance effect. When purchasing hair dye products, consumers should choose regular and legal channels to purchase hair dye cosmetics, and choose products with clear labels.

When purchasing, you can also check whether it has a qualified product test report. At the same time, check the product name, manufacturer name and address, net content, ingredient list, production date and shelf life (or production batch number and expiry date), production license number, cosmetic approval number/record number and other information.

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