Hair-dye wholesale manufacturers tell you that buying a suitable hair color is very important


Dyeing a head of beautiful and eye-catching hair can not only adjust a person's skin tone, add points to your overall image, but also win you a lot of favored eyes. However, most of the current hair dyes contain more chemical substances, so are plant hair dyes really harmless? The hair dye processing manufacturer tells you how to choose a suitable bottle of hair dye. First, we need to check the product packaging and identification. Go to a regular shopping mall or supermarket to purchase complete packaging, clear identification, and the approval number of special-purpose cosmetics issued by the Ministry of Health. , Hygienic license number, regular production batch number; production date, safety warning, usage guide, shelf life and storage conditions of safety requirements of the product, etc., should also be clearly marked. Second: choose the hair dye brand. Although the hair dyes of well-known brands are not completely free from quality problems, the quality control of hair dyes of well-known brands of large companies is relatively strict, so consumers should try to choose a formal approval number when purchasing 1. Hair dye products of well-known brands from large manufacturers; imported products should be marked with the sanitary approval number of imported cosmetics, product name in Chinese, name and address of the manufacturer, and registered name and address of dealers, etc., and counterfeit and shoddy products should be rejected.

It is not recommended to dye hair with different colors or different brands of hair dyes at the same time, because chemical reactions may occur between hair dyes; under normal circumstances, hair stylists will recommend that you wash your hair after 2 days after dyeing, to give your hair a Time to solidify hair color. After dyeing your hair, wash it several times, do not scratch your scalp with your fingers when washing your hair, and continue to protect your hair within two weeks after dyeing. Do not use hair dyes that have been used for more than half a year after opening the bottle, and the interval between two hair dyeings should be more than 3 months; do not wash your hair before dyeing, the oil secreted by the hair can protect the scalp from infection, and these oils and the hair on the hair Dust will not affect the hair color effect in the slightest.

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