What factors cause color after hair dyeing


Improper care of hair after coloring it with hair dye. If the color fades very quickly after dyeing, and there is no problem with the care method, it is likely to be a problem with the dye cream. But maybe you don’t know that you may have some misunderstandings in hair care, such as going out in strong sunlight, which exposes the scalp to ultraviolet rays; poor air quality can also cause pigment loss.

Whether you stay at home or go shopping, your pigmentation will be affected by the environment, and your hair will fade. In summer, the temperature is high, and the frequency of washing your hair will increase. Frequent shampooing will speed up the loss of pigmentation. In fact, rinsing hair is a process of losing pigment. Naturally, the more you rinse, the faster the pigment will lose. Do not wash your hair every day after dyeing your hair, reduce the frequency of washing your hair, as washing your hair will accelerate hair drying and fading.

Do less heat styling after dyeing your hair, and use less hair dryers, hair irons, etc. Do not dry-wash your hair after dyeing, but wet-wash your hair, so that the pigment will not lose faster. It is recommended to use some shampoos with low alkali content and mild properties; do not wash your hair the next day after dyeing, and persist for at least 2 days after dyeing Just wash your hair. After dyeing hair, the water temperature of shampoo should not be too high, hot water will accelerate the loss of pigment, and the hair will easily become dry and frizzy. The water temperature should not exceed 40°C.

Use a color-fixing shampoo to make your color last longer. What kind of hair dyes are not allergic? Many of our common hair dyes on the market contain phenylenediamine substances, which are particularly easy to penetrate through the scalp and penetrate into the human body, which will not only cause allergic symptoms, but also cause various cancers. Although there are clear standards for its content in China, it is stipulated that the use must be prepared in proportion and the concentration must not be increased arbitrarily. However, even under the standards allowed by the state, there are still a small number of people who develop allergic dermatitis after using it.

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