It's not difficult to turn black hair. Choosing the right method is the key


Under the trend of hair dyeing, there are still many girls who like to dye their hair black. As the natural hair color of Asians, black hair can actually look good. Generally, the ideal temperature for hair dyeing is 25 degrees Celsius. When dyeing hair at high temperature, the use time of hair dye should be reduced, and when hair is dyed at low temperature, the use time of hair dye should be extended. The longer the time, the darker the color of the hair dye is. If you dye the hair color of the dark series, the longer the hair dye stays, the darker the hair color; The longer the time, the lighter the color.

In addition to the time the hair dye stays on the hair, the shade of the hair color is also affected by the temperature and the quality of the individual hair. When using hair dye to prevent the hair dye from being applied to the skin, a layer of protective products should be applied to the skin first to avoid direct skin contact with the hair dye. After dyeing your hair, wash your hair and scalp thoroughly, and avoid scratching while rinsing.

After hair dyeing, it is necessary to strengthen hair care, which can reduce the damage to the hair, replenish the protein and moisture lost by the hair in time, and restore the luster of the hair. The frequency of hair dyeing should not be too much. There are many manufacturers of hair dyes, and the brands are also various. When buying hair dyes, try to buy hair dyes of well-known brands from large manufacturers.

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