Which one is used for hair dye and toner


As long as it is dyed, we must mention the issue of complementary colors. In fact, the two are different concepts. Hair coloring generally lasts for two months.

Two months later, because the hair is oxidized by air, water, sunlight, humidity, etc., resulting in the continuous loss of pigment particles, fading will occur. These are normal phenomena. If you buy a new piece of clothing, it won’t fade if you wear it more times. In addition, hair grows every day, and it is said that it grows 1-1.5 centimeters per month.

Therefore, about 2 months after hair dyeing, color supplementation is required. Complementary color is not only the process of consolidating dyeing, but also the process of hair care. Complementary color is attached to dyeing. Without dyeing, how can there be complementary color? However, due to the deviation of harmony, there may be deviations between the complementary color and the previous color, so many people will choose to re-dye.

Scalp pain when dyeing hair means that the hair dye has irritated the scalp. If the condition is severe and lasts a long time, stop dyeing hair immediately and rinse off the hair dye. Dye your hair at least once every 3 months, choose safe hair dye products that pass the quality standards, or go to a professional and regular barber shop to dye your hair. It is recommended not to wash your hair two days before dyeing your hair. Scalp oil has a protective effect. Before dyeing your hair, you should do a skin sensitivity test to avoid damage from the hair dye.

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