Do not forget your hair after healthy hair dyeing


Black hair is because the hair contains a kind of melanin. The more melanin there is, the darker the hair will be; on the contrary, the less melanin the hair will be lighter in color. If the pigment cells of the hair follicle stop producing melanin, the hair will also turn white; after dyeing the hair to obtain perfect hair color, the hair dye OEM processing manufacturer tells you not to get complacent at this time, because the subsequent hair care is more important, and the hair care after dyeing It can replenish lost water, nutrients and salt bonds. The conditioner that comes with the hair dye cream, the hair care ingredients can close the hair scales, reduce the phenomenon of fading, make your new hair color more lustrous, full of elasticity, and show silky luster.

It is generally not necessary to wash the hair when using hair dye. If the hair is very oily, stained, or hair accessories have been used, it is necessary to wash the hair with shampoo, but remember to gently massage the scalp with fingertips, and do not scratch the scalp. After washing, blow dry before dyeing the hair ; Before hair dyeing, apply the isolation cream provided by this product on the back of the ears, forehead, and around the hairline, take 1 dose of hair dye cream and 2 doses of color-developing ointment and squeeze them into the color tray bowl, and mix the paste thoroughly Evenly, apply evenly and meticulously on the hair from the root of the hair; heating is generally 15-20 minutes (dry heating), and no heating is generally 25-35 minutes. If the hair is hard and the coloring is not ideal, the residence time can be extended appropriately. Use Rinse with warm water; after hair dyeing, apply an appropriate amount of the hair dye essential oil evenly on the hair and gently massage for 2-5 minutes without rinsing to lock the color and brighten the hair. Hair that has just been dyed needs to be cared for. Conditioner can be used after dyeing, but it must be done 48 hours after dyeing. Do not wash your hair immediately after dyeing, as this will cause pigment loss. The process of using hair conditioner is of great help to the hair, because hair dyeing will affect the hair quality, making the hair rough and inelastic, so it is recommended that you use hair conditioner after hair coloring.

Sheep placenta hair conditioner plant formula, amino acid cleansing, mild formula, strong and repairing Light and fluffy, moisturizing and smooth hair conditioner, supplements nutrients, deeply repairs damaged hair, plant extract hair care principle, deeply nourishes hair directly Core, repairs the hair quality and gives you a long-lasting fragrance. Efficacy: Shampoo, deeply cleans the scalp and hair, and keeps it clean and comfortable.

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