Hair dye processing makes hair dye worry-free


The hair dye processing manufacturer tells you that the added dye cream is delicate and has excellent covering ability. The luster is full and does not damage the hair quality, it protects the hair, the color is strong, the color is uniform, and it is not easy to fade. The hair dye can be processed in multiple colors, and it can be done at home in 30 minutes. There is no need to go to the barber shop to wait, and it is very safe. Hair dye processing is divided into these three types of temporary dye cream, semi-permanent dye cream, and permanent cream; permanent dye cream includes plant type, metal type and penetrating type: plant hair dye type permanent dye cream henna or sea Ancient plants such as zero grass can be made into permanent hair dyes.

This hair dye is processed and extracted from the leaves or roots of plants. The damage to the hair is relatively small, and it is used more in hair salons; metal permanent dye cream: this dye cream is a dye containing silver, aluminum, and copper. Those containing silver are pale green, those containing aluminum are purple, and those containing copper are red.

Most colors form a film on the outer cuticle of the hair, thus making the hair look dull. After using this hair dye to perm the hair, the hair will become red and rough and easy to break. Hair becomes thicker and stiffer after coloring it multiple times.

It is not conducive to dyeing light-colored or permed hair in the future.

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