Will hair dye cause hair loss?


Can hair dye cause hair loss? This problem has troubled many people. In principle, although hair dye may irritate the scalp, it mainly acts on the exposed hair part, not on the hair follicles. Therefore, hair dye generally does not directly cause hair loss. If you are allergic to the ingredients of the hair dye and have allergic contact dermatitis, it may cause temporary telogen effluvium, which may cause hair loss in a short period of time. One of the reasons for testing. For people who love hair dyeing, how to choose safe hair dyes, first of all, choose hair dyes that have been proved to be mild by experiments, and second, choose hair dyes that add extra nourishing ingredients to the dye cream; Respiratory tract irritation; fourth, do not blindly promote pure plant and natural hair dye products; fifth, check whether there is a national makeup special certificate through hair dye processing and packaging to avoid product non-compliance; sixth, conduct a skin allergy test 48 hours in advance before use .

Consumers are advised to purchase hair dye products from regular channels as much as possible when purchasing hair dye products, and choose products with full ingredient labels and pay attention to the warning words on the label; if they have allergies, consumers can promptly identify whether it is caused by a certain ingredient It is helpful to trace the source of symptoms. Before using the hair dye to start the operation, read the manual carefully. It is a super large one. The precautions and operating instructions are very detailed.

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