One kind of hair washing is a hair dye


Yixie Cai adopts bio-high-tech extraction technology to extract plant essence, which not only maintains the effective nourishing ingredients of herbal essence, but also has no harm to the body, non-toxic, non-irritating, and non-allergic. One-wash color hair dye is safe for hair dyeing, and the color can be dyed quickly and easily in 10-20 minutes. There are burgundy, chestnut brown, chocolate, brown-black, grape purple and other colors that everyone likes.

Therefore, a color-washing hair dye is a good choice for the elderly with gray hair or teenagers who want to change their hair color; if the hair dye is used directly on the hair, if it is toxic, it will easily cause cancer. Poor hair dyes are serious hazards because they contain harmful substances that enter the blood circulation system through the hair follicles and can damage the body's immune system. Now dyeing hair has become a fashion and trend, everyone will change their hair color from time to time, because the price of barber shops is too expensive, so more people choose to dye their hair at home; Van Gogh hair dye upgrade formula, washing 3-in-1 dyeing and care. Apply healthy pigments to the surface of the hair by washing the hair. Use it for a long time. It will not affect the health of the hair. It can also have the effect of hair care and hair dyeing. The color effect is long-lasting. The color is natural and the smell is fragrant. Hair dyeing agent.

Van Gogh hair dye wholesale manufacturers hair dye mild formula, dyeing and care in one, the color is very good, does not fade, pays attention to health and safety, does not irritate the scalp, suitable for long-term hair dyeing people. Fast coloring, natural color, plant color locking factor, healthy hair coloring, long-lasting coloring; coloring is fast and has no fancy smell, much better than going to the barber shop, at least you don't have to wait so long. Multi-effect green plant herbs, deeply nourishing hair, high quality and low price, not bad smell, can make the hair healthy and strong, long-lasting color; after dyeing, the color is very uniform, and the color is very satisfactory, not high-profile, and the inside contains The tool is very convenient, easy to operate, gentle and safe, ammonia-free hair dyeing, safe and healthy, no irritating smell, no scalp damage, safe hair dyeing does not hurt the hair, and it is easy to rinse off the skin.

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