Do hair dye need to heat?


Hair dye does not need to be heated. Generally, if the hair is not very dirty, wash it with clean water, then dry it with a towel without dripping, and then wash it with pure plant black lotion, which is the same as ordinary shampoo; Ammonia with preservatives is chemical-free. The color is also more professional than ordinary hair dyes, covering white hair quickly, not sticking to the scalp, mild quality, fragrant smell, clear washing water, nourishing black hair. Plant hair dye is suitable for a variety of people who dye hair. Wearing gloves, mix the 1.2 dosage (1:1) evenly, and then apply it on the hair. Use a wide-toothed comb to comb the dye to the roots and ends of the hair, and wipe it all over. After smoothing, leave it on depending on the hair type; rinse the cream off the hair.

5. Wipe the hair until it is 80% dry, and then style it. Very easy, no need to wash hair before coloring. It is recommended to do a sensitivity test before dyeing with plant hair dyes to prevent misuse by people with allergies. Before dyeing, do a sensitivity test according to the instructions; wear protective gear, do not wash your hair before dyeing, wear earmuffs, gloves, and a scarf; before dyeing, protect yourself in close proximity Apply oily skin care products to the skin around the hairline to prevent the skin from being stained and difficult to clean.

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