Hair dye needs precautions


With the development of the times, our pursuit is getting higher and higher. Hair dyeing can make you look more temperamental. The following Guangzhou Youji Daily Chemical Co., Ltd. will take you to understand the matters needing attention in hair dyeing. First of all, to strengthen the care must be strengthened care and nourishment, usually do not wash your hair every day to use conditioner. It is recommended to do a deep hair care once a week, and it can be used together with shampoo and conditioner after shampooing.

YOGI Shampoo has a formula for deep cleansing of scalp and hair, maintaining a clean and comfortable state, amino acid cleansing, mild formula, strong and repairing light and fluffy, moisturizing and smoothing conditioner, replenishing nutrients, deeply repairing damaged hair, plant extracts The principle of hair care, deeply nourishes and reaches the hair core, repairs the hair quality and leaves you with a long-lasting fragrance. When using the essence, it is recommended to apply it to the roots and ends of the hair, and repeat it three times to allow the essence to be fully absorbed, so that the conditioner can have a hair care effect. Do not wash your hair immediately after dyeing your hair, otherwise it will cause the newly dyed hair color to fade.

The same is true after dyeing your hair in summer. However, the climate is hot in summer, and many friends can't stand not washing their hair for too long, and some friends are used to washing their hair once a day. In order to get a better effect of hair dyeing, it is recommended to wash your hair every two days! .

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