What is silicone-free washing? What is the difference between silicon oil and silicone without silicon oil?


Silicone oil shampoo has two sides! ! 1. It can make the hair smooth. 2. Silicone oil shampoo also has shortcomings. It contains chemicals, which are also harmful to health. Silicone oil shampoo contains polydimethylsiloxane to make the hair smooth, but silicone oil is not soluble in water, and it will also block the hair follicles, making the hair dry and damaged, and even hair loss. Silicone-free shampoo is healthy and safe, but silicone-free shampoo also has its disadvantages, fluffy and dry.

Hair maintenance is a part that each of us must pay attention to, whether it is from the perspective of personal image or the health of each of us, and the health of the hair is closely related to the good material of the shampoo. The health of the hair is closely related to the good material of the shampoo. According to the test report, almost 70% of shampoos contain silicone oil. To reduce the damage of silicone oil to hair, it is best to use silicone-free shampoo.

It can be seen from the ingredient list that the shampoo ingredient list does not contain silicone oil, such as polydimethylsiloxane, polydimethylsiloxane alcohol, amodimethicone, etc.! All products can be called silicone-free shampoo. Silicone oil formulations are not poison, and silicone-free formulations are not the only hope for saving mankind. They are just two different product formulation systems that consumers can choose freely. Most hair conditioners and hair masks contain silicone oil, and the proportion is much higher than that of shampoo, so even if you use a shampoo without silicone oil formula, you can use a hair mask with silicone oil after you finish it. It’s better to learn to read the ingredient list by yourself. For hair conditioner and hair mask containing silicone oil, try to apply it on the ends of the hair and don’t touch the scalp.

Shampoos with silicone-free formulas are naturally more expensive than silicone oil shampoos, which is caused by the high cost of pure nature.

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