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Friends around me have a lot of hair problems, big and small. I will make a small summary about hair care and hair care. In view of these problems, how should hair be cared for? , let's see what we should do! Daily maintenance 1. Sun protection: under intense ultraviolet radiation, hair protein denatures and turns yellow. Pay attention to sun protection (sun hat/parasol/sunscreen spray) 2. Massage the scalp: Massage can stimulate the skin, promote blood circulation, regulate oil secretion, relieve head fatigue, help hair growth, maintain scalp health and prevent scalp Excessive crumbs. Proper shampoo and hair care: 1. Comb the hair first to avoid knotting. 2. Soak the hair with water, apply an appropriate amount of shampoo on the hair, massage with the belly of your fingers for more than 3 minutes, rinse, and then take less Shampoo for a second simple wash, rinse repeatedly with water until there is no more shampoo on the hair Note: the epidermis of the scalp is easily stained by sebum and sweat, and should be washed carefully Shampoo frequency: oily once every other day, dry Wash once every 2-3 days.

Maintenance for thick, hard, soft and thin hair 1. Maintenance of thick and hard hair: thick and hard hair is healthier than soft and slender hair, but it lacks flexibility and is difficult to modify. In this regard, you can spray some lotion to help shape the hair when blow molding, and it is best to rub some hair wax frequently to maintain the hairstyle. 2. Maintenance of soft and slender hair: soft hair is not only slender, but also inelastic, not fluffy, and the hairstyle is not easy to last.

Additionally, if left untreated, hair can become dry, yellow, and prone to damage and breakage. In order to prevent the above phenomenon, you can use hair wax to reduce the damage of external stimuli to the hair. Usually, you can also use hair conditioner to prevent the hair from drying and make the hair look more supple. If you want to have healthy hair, you should keep a good mood and sleep well. Over time, you will find that your hair is thick and thick. Combined with our deep moisturizing oil control shampoo, you will have shiny and smooth hair after a period of time. Let’s go Where are the bright spots.

Next, I recommend a very effective oil-controlling fragrance shampoo for everyone: suitable for hair types; oily scalp, dry and dull hair, thick and soft hair, relieves oil from hair roots, and makes hair fluffy and full. Improves scalp health and balance, leaving hair clean and strong. Wash it the next day, not afraid of itchy scalp oil.

Smoothes away dryness and frizz, leaving hair naturally smooth. Efficacy: Refreshing and cleansing the scalp, which can wash away excess oil on the scalp. After shampooing, the hair is not oily or astringent, refreshing and shiny, and the hair is soft and easy to comb. The manufacturer, with a mature OEM and ODM processing system, provides: elastin oem, hair clay, hair wax processing, shampoo oem, hair conditioner processing and other processing modes. It now has a national standard production workshop of 11,000 square meters, and has been 2 We have cooperated with more than 10,000 customers and are well-known. Welcome to visit us! Welcome to consult our company to understand: elastin oem, hair mud processing, hair wax processing, shampoo processing, hair conditioner processing. Five points for attention in waxing operation  How do girls take care of their hair Related information news What color hair to dye hair, super fair skin beauties, is it time for the hairstyle course we are looking forward to again, what hair color will be shared with you today .

Every season, there are always a group of people who never return on the road of changing hair color. Why? There are hair colors suitable for winter in winter, and refreshing hair colors in summer. For those with yellowish skin, whitening is our biggest requirement. Sometimes I am curious why we all like whitening. Skin care products require whitening, and hair color still requires whitening. How about "one white covers all ugliness"? To make it look better, of course. Let's take a look at which hair colors are white.

White hair color: black tea color I heard that black tea color is popular recently. At first I dismissed it, wondering why the black tea color would appear white? Obviously it is similar to natural black, nothing has changed, my long black hair does not look white, black tea color is effective? Facts slapped me hard. My face hurts! Friends, the black tea color is indeed not ordinary black.

I saw a friend before, and suddenly realized that she had turned white recently, and she looked fairer and fairer. I asked her quietly, but the skin care products were still the same, and nothing has changed recently, except for a change in hair color. Oh, I found the reason, the dark brown color is the root cause of the whiteness. In fact, if you don't look carefully, you won't notice it at all. It looks no different from black. If you look carefully, you will find that the black tea color has a more glossy texture under the light source, and it looks more advanced and white.

A very advanced and versatile hair color, friends who want to look white but don't want to be too high-profile can directly dye it black tea. White hair color: Chestnut brown is the most white hair color in the brown family. A hair color that many Japanese sweet girls prefer.

Chestnut brown is much more obvious than black tea, and the whiteness is completely sufficient, suitable for beauties who want a little change. As mentioned earlier, chestnut brown is more suitable for the design style of Japanese soft and beautiful girls, especially with curly hair hairstyles, it is a versatile match, and with a big bow hairpin, it is like a cute girl who came out of a Japanese drama . White hair color: Dirty orange Dirty orange, does it make your eyesight grow again, and there is also dirty orange hahaha~ Yes, the current hair color is only unexpected by you, and you can’t do it without Tony.

Dirty orange is more suitable for warm-toned skin, just like our standard yellowish skin, dyeing it with dirty orange will make your hair look whiter. However, dirty orange looks a little exaggerated and high-profile, suitable for young girls and girls with personality to dye. Dirty orange basically has no hairstyle restrictions, short hair, long hair, curly hair, long straight hair can all be matched.

The only drawback of dirty orange is that the actual effect of dirty orange made by different tony teachers may have slightly different effects, but overall it is still a very white hair color. These three white hair colors today include the daily unassuming and low-key black tea, the salty and sweet chestnut brown, and the full-bodied dirty orange. Do you have a favorite hair color? Guangzhou Youji Daily Chemical Co., Ltd. is a 15-year-old manufacturer of hairdressing products, focusing on the research and development of mid-to-high-end hairdressing products, a mature OEM and ODM processing system, providing: hair dye processing, dye cream customization, hair dye OEM, hair dye Ointment OEM, hair styling product processing, perm processing and other processing modes, now has a national standard production workshop of 11,000 square meters, and has customized cooperation for more than 20,000 customers so far, welcome to visit! Welcome to consult our company to understand: hair dye product processing, hair dye production, hair dye oem manufacturer, hair dye processing factory.

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