How to take care of smooth curly hair at home


Who doesn't want to have soft and shiny hair? But after waking up every day, it becomes the problem of the golden lion king with fried hair, dry and split ends, easy knotting and broken hair... These will not only lower our appearance, but also affect our aura and self-confidence. I feel too much Understood, good hair really needs to be “raised”. Today I’m going to share with you a very easy-to-use moisturizing honey (elastin): 1. It is suitable for all kinds of hair types, smoothing and smoothing dry hair. The silk is easy to comb and reappears vitality 2. Contains wheat protein acid, rich in amino acids and other organic ingredients, deeply penetrates and moisturizes. 3. Smooth roughness, replenish moisture, brighten color, and help repair hair. 4. Repair damaged hair, smooth frizzy, smooth hair, replenish energy and moisture.

Efficacy: Prevent sun exposure damage and repair dry, rough, knotted, frizzy and shapeless hair after exposure to the sun. How to use: use it on dry hair, spray it evenly on the hair at a distance of 10-15cm from the hair, and comb it with your hands or a hairbrush. Guangzhou Youji Daily Chemical Co., Ltd. has dozens of brands of its own hairdressing products, source factories, and supports hair mud product processing and elastin oem customization services.

With the expansion of the company's scale and the continuous expansion and demand of the market, we will meet new needs, actively adjust the direction of goals, and constantly improve self-construction. We look forward to sincerely cooperating with you, hand in hand, to create brilliance and achieve a win-win goal. Welcome to consult our company to understand: elastin oem, hair mud processing, hair wax processing. How do girls take care of their hair The effect of hair mask on hair care related information news Does mint beige hair look white? What color is it in the sun? It is suitable for all skin tones.

Does mint beige hair look white? What color is it in sunlight? Does the mint beige hair color look white: the mint beige hair color is very white and low-key, and it is also a very western style hair color. It feels very sweet and cute. Mint beige brown tends to be dark brown, and the dyed effect is very natural, and it complements the skin tone and makes it white.

It looks good, it is a warm brown with a gentle temperament indoors, and it is a bit cool brown in the sun, which looks good. What color is the mint beige hair color in the sun: the mint beige hair color looks lighter and brighter in the sun, this hair color is particularly white, no matter the skin tone, it is suitable for all skin tones! Mint beige brown is a brown with a dark gray tone. It is very suitable for wool rolls or hairstyles with inner buttons. It is very age-reducing. Mint beige is a kind of brown hair color, which is very similar to dark linen brown and brown yellow, and also somewhat similar to gray brown, cool brown, lemon tea, etc. Relatively speaking, mint beige is a hair color White and super attractive hair color.

Guangzhou Youji Daily Chemical Co., Ltd. is a 15-year-old manufacturer of hairdressing products, focusing on the research and development of mid-to-high-end hairdressing products, a mature OEM and ODM processing system, providing: hair dye processing, dye cream customization, hair dye OEM, hair dye Ointment OEM, hair styling product processing, perm processing and other processing modes, now has a national standard production workshop of 11,000 square meters, and has customized cooperation for more than 20,000 customers so far, welcome to visit! Welcome to consult our company to understand: hair dye product processing, hair dye cream processing, hair dye oem manufacturer, hair dye processing factory.

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