Is silicon oil shampoo good?


For the daily repair and care of hair, the choice of shampoo is very important. Today we will talk about this "top priority". In the process of buying shampoo, I often see some shampoos promoting "no silicone oil", so is silicone oil shampoo or silicone oil-free shampoo better? Can "the presence or absence of silicone oil" be used as an indicator to evaluate the quality of a shampoo? The "silicone-free" trend has been blowing for several years, and it is still hot. Major brands have launched "silicon-free" series one after another. For shampoo manufacturers following the trend, they still know whether silicone-free oil is good for the scalp, but the ancestors have spent tens of millions of advertising dollars to educate consumers. Who wouldn't want such a cheap product? Silicone oil is a kind of substance based on polydimethylsiloxane. It brings great value to consumers with its excellent stability and lubricity. It has been firmly established as early as the early 1990s. The position of the big brother of the rivers and lakes.

As for the theory that "silicon oil damages the scalp and clogs pores", there is currently no academic research report to prove it. On the contrary, everyone can see and feel the benefits of silicone oil on hair, such as promoting smoothness of hair, enhancing gloss, maintaining moisture and so on. Shampoo ingredients revealed, why the shampoo industry is using D-panthenol? , After all, it is something that I touch every day, but do you know how the real effect of hydrogen peroxide has reflected the effect of hydrogen peroxide? Today I received a consultation message from a student, which said that if you choose hydrogen peroxide and Dye cream So choose a good dye cream or choose a good hydrogen peroxide? From this question, it can be seen that this brother is not very clear about the basic hair dye chemical reaction and the effect of dye cream and hydrogen peroxide. Originally, hydrogen peroxide has a wide range of effects, not only for hair dyeing operations, but also for perms. To hydrogen peroxide to oxidize the broken chain bonds inside the hair.

The following is a detailed introduction to the effect of hydrogen peroxide in hair dyeing and perm operations in hairdressing and its connection with hair dyeing and perming, so as to facilitate our deeper understanding of the correct use of hydrogen peroxide. Many hairdressers may have doubts, what do we need to solve hydrogen peroxide, is it enough to know how to use it, then please read the following words patiently, I believe it will be helpful to your salon operation. There is no doubt that the main source of profit for hair salons is.

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