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Many little fairies know how to protect themselves from sun protection, especially when they go out to play, they put the whole bottle of sunscreen on their body, and when they get home, they just put on shower gel, but have you really washed it off? In the summer, the shopping carts of the little fairies are full of sunscreen. But compared to which sunscreen products are better, how to apply sunscreen, and more importantly, should the sunscreen be removed? Be sure to unload! Sunscreen, now many formulas are made more and more convenient, as long as ordinary cleanser can be cleaned. However, sunscreen products are different from ordinary creams and lotions, and their adhesion to the skin surface is relatively stronger, so you must use it at the level of makeup remover. You may not feel the goodness of makeup remover. When the sunscreen on your face is like painting a wall When it’s thick, ordinary cleansing products can’t be washed clean, and it takes a lot of time to deal with it, and the skin tends to feel dry and tight after washing.

The benefits of makeup remover are revealed at this time. Green Tea Fresh Cleansing Water can quickly remove makeup. It combines moisturizing and refreshing types. It does not contain alcohol. It is very gentle on the face, not oily, and very refreshing to use. The texture of green tea cleansing water is relatively light and thin. It moisturizes and removes makeup at the same time. Green tea fresh cleansing water is safe, mild, and less irritating to the skin. It is suitable for large-scale makeup removal.

Green tea fresh cleansing water can ensure the moisture content of the skin, and it will not feel greasy after use. Refreshing but not greasy, use green tea fresh cleansing water for makeup or not, it can be removed cleanly, mild and non-irritating, and not tight. It doesn't irritate eye makeup and lip makeup at all, and the fragrance is just right.

It is enough to remove sunscreen with high sun protection factor and waterproof, as well as general mascara and eyeliner.

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