How to choose mud and hair wax


As two popular hair styling products, hair clay and wax have their advantages and disadvantages. As a man with short hair, how should you choose? Differences: 1. Hair wax: Hair wax is a mixed muddy hair styling product with semi-solid oil, fat and wax. Because the main ingredient contains wax, hair will feel oily and shiny after application. 2. Hair mud: It is an improved version of jelly water, especially non-greasy.

Hair clay is generally matte in color and has a high styling contrast. It can directly create various fashionable head shapes, and the shape can be fixed for a long time without changing the texture of the hair. Comparison of advantages and disadvantages: Hair wax: The price is relatively cheap. A cost-effective hair wax should have a light aroma and taste, no odor, suitable hardness and softness, sticky, and bright.

In particular, it is very oily, has strong adhesion, and is more difficult to clean. Hair wax is more suitable for professionals to use, because there are many ways to use it. Like ordinary people who wash their hair, the pomade is not very good, and there are pieces, as if they haven't washed their hair for several days.

. Hair mud: the price is relatively more expensive. Safety performance Excellent styling ability, unique texture after styling, long shaping time. A good hair mud is not greasy, easy to clean with added water-soluble ingredients, and it goes away after washing. The shaping effect lasts for a long time, but it will feel sticky after a long time.

It is best not to add water to the mud. Adding water to the hair mud will lose the ability to shape and shape, so after washing your hair, you should first blow the hair with a hair dryer until it is 7 or 8 minutes dry, then put the hair mud on your hands, and you can grab it easily Out of shape, more suitable for men with short hair. Regardless of hair mud or wax, the setting effect is best when it is applied to the hair, and it is not necessary to apply it to the cuticle.

Summary: But now pomade and pomade can no longer be strictly distinguished in many places. The key depends on how the manufacturer names them. Pomade will also have a non-greasy matte color, and pomade will also have a greasy and bright color. Therefore, when purchasing, it is best to recognize that it is more appropriate. Where can I find affordable shampoo OEM manufacturers  What is the difference between hair mud and gel water Related information news Four key points for choosing a shower gel! Since most people abandoned soap after bathing, shower gel has become the mainstream product for bathing, but many shower gels can only achieve a cleansing effect, and sometimes wash away the original oil of the skin. After washing, the skin of the body feels tight and uncomfortable.

In fact, the most important thing about shower gel is to achieve the effect of moisturizing and skin care after washing, because cleaning is a very basic standard, and now it is still necessary to achieve the effects of skin care, moisturizing, and fragrance. Choice of purpose. What should be paid attention to when choosing a shower gel, and how to choose a bath product with assured quality. 1. Look at the ingredients: first of all, you must look at the ingredients, and you must avoid bath products containing "phthalates", because phthalates are a benzene-like substance that is widely used in ordinary bath products , has certain toxicity, and long-term use will have an impact on the skin.

2. Look at the thickness of the liquid: the next step is to look at the liquid thickness of the shower gel. This is determined by the nature of the ingredients in the toiletries. It is impossible for any manufacturer to make it very thick. If the toiletries are very thick, it means that only thickeners have been added, which is definitely not a good product. 3. Look at the bubbles.

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