What are the differences between hair mud and gel water


The product form and characteristics of hair mud and hair gel are different. Hairspray is generally water-based, while hair mud is paste. The hairspray enhances the shine and shine of the hair.

Hair clay can fix the shape of the head and make the hair beautiful and shiny. It is an improved hair gel. It is not greasy, easy to clean and not easy to attract dust, and the shaping effect is long-lasting. The difference between hair mud and hair gel 1. Features Hair gel: To create a variety of light and smooth hair styles, hair gel is your best choice. In addition, the hair spray can also improve the smoothness and shine of the hair.

The characteristics of hairspray are very obvious. It is liquid and quick-drying, soft and shiny, light in weight and moderate in strength, which is more suitable for styling soft hair. Hair mud: It can fix the shape of the head and make the hair beautiful and shiny. It is an improved hair gel. The property is not greasy, easy to clean and not easy to attract dust, and the shaping effect is long-lasting.

Whether you have more or less hair, applying a layer of hair mud can make your shape more stable. 2. Shape hair gel: Generally, it is water-based, and the hair gel is very light and will not increase the weight of the hair. Hair mud: The paste is soft, very easy to clean and not easy to attract dust.

Frequently Asked Questions about Hair Clay and Gel Application Hair gel and gel water should not be sprayed too much. Keep in mind that the consumption of hair mud must be small, and it does not mean that the more you use, the better the shaping effect. On the contrary, a small amount of hair mud can make the hair bulky and not thick. Do not use hair mud styling for a long time. The longer you use hair mud styling at one time, the more oily the hair will be, and there will be no softness.

It is best to take a small amount of hair mud (just dip your fingertips lightly), put it on the fingertips of both hands, and rub it on the root of the hair in the same way as washing your hair. It is best not to have long hair Stretch outside and knead just should be fluffy. How to choose hair mud and wax Tips for washing hair Use conditioner first and then shampooRelated informationnews Five beautiful and attractive straight hair hair colors Nowadays, most girls with long hair prefer straight hair It’s beautiful, and straight hair looks more natural. Next, let’s take a look at these five hair colors that look very good with straight hair. Such straight hair will definitely make girls A beautiful and very attractive effect is desired. In addition, some beautiful girls are more suitable for this kind of straight hair, which looks gentle and natural.

The black, smooth and straight hair gives people a sense of intellectuality, and the white shirt is also very eye-catching. The beautiful collarbone and slender neck are like noble swans, and they have always been so charming. This chestnut-brown long-haired girl uses this kind of straight hair shawl with beautiful French bangs. The hair on both sides has a very good effect of repairing the face. At the same time, this hair color can also make girls more beautiful for refreshing. Simple air bangs paired with cold brown straight hair is also very charming. The bangs that cover the entire forehead have a very good effect on the face, and the looming forehead is also a kind of fresh and natural simplicity.

Girls with neat bangs, long straight hair with milk tea color can make girls sweeter. Paired with straight hair and a white skirt, there is an indescribably fresh and elegant temperament. A tall girl has a relatively long face. She chose this kind of straight hair with an exposed forehead, which is paired with amber copper brown hair color. It matches with the first-time workplace. Such a straight hair hairstyle will definitely be able to Make girls more aura of a high-cold goddess.

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