Washing hair small skills first use the conditioner and then use shampoo


Like most women, washing my hair is very important to me. For as long as I can remember, I've shampooed twice, then conditioned my hair from top to bottom, waited 2 minutes, and rinsed. But the sad thing is that the good-looking hairstyle lasts only a few short hours after washing the hair, and then the hair becomes thin and frizzy, greasy and unsightly on the scalp.

Now it seems that I washed my hair in the wrong order. By switching up the order of shampoo and conditioner, you can not only make your hair soft and flowing, but also avoid the side effects caused by leftover conditioner. The method itself is simple: Wet your hair with water, then apply your favorite conditioner of all time, being careful to apply the conditioner mainly to the ends and sparing the roots; then let the conditioner work through the hair Stay for 5 minutes, then rinse your hair thoroughly with clean water; the next step is to apply shampoo, rinse your hair, and repeat, pay attention to the right amount of shampoo and not too much.

I lightly towel dry my hair and am a bit concerned about not getting tangles when I brush it. However, when I ran through my hair with a wide-toothed comb, it came out as smooth as ever and didn't tangle at all. I was finally relieved.

I blow-dried my hair as usual and immediately noticed the difference: my hair was much shinier than usual! I repeated the experiment two days later and the result was just like in the photo: my hair looked much thicker, as if I had used a booster, but without the side effects of a booster! At the end of the 7-day test, I saw a noticeable difference in my hair compared to before. Using conditioner before shampoo not only makes the hair more shiny, but also avoids the small frizz caused by the conditioner residue; the best part is that the hair feels softer, looks more voluminous, and even covers the ears It's over. Hanli Biological Shampoo Manufacturer What is the difference between hair mud and gel water Customized professional hair dye saved his career The big life in the little hair dye Relevant information news Washing and care industry, several phenomena 1. Problems in the wash and care industry A lot, a small number of operators are suspected of misleading or deceiving consumers (1) The washing and care equipment is tricky. At present, there are many small shops in the market, with small investment, lack of special equipment, and the scale of the whole shop is small.

There are so many stores and fierce competition. In order to survive, some operators blindly pursue profits, reduce costs by all means, use second-hand equipment as good ones, use dryers as dry cleaning machines, and even use scrapped, obsolete or empty shell equipment as a facade. Attracting customers with good intentions, the service effect can be imagined. The advantages and disadvantages of washing equipment are quite different. Different models have different performances and different washing effects.

(2) There is a good way to mislead in publicity. Individual operators are good at taking advantage of the unsound market system, deliberately exaggerating and making big publicity articles under the guise of foreign "so-and-so brand" or "green cleaning and care". "Green products" meet specific environmental protection requirements in the whole process of their life cycle, have no or little harm to the ecological environment, no or little harm to human survival, high resource utilization rate, and energy consumption.

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