What is the correct shampooing posture?


What is the correct hair washing posture? People like to use their nails to scratch their scalp when they wash their hair. One after another, the scalp has been severely damaged, and those damaged scalps are dandruff in the future. If you don’t believe me, if you often scratch your eyebrows, your eyebrows will also produce eyebrow flakes like dandruff. So what is the correct way to wash your hair? , is to rub the scalp with ten fingers, never scratch the scalp with nails. If you persist for a week, you will find that you no longer have dandruff, and your hair will fall much less. The same is true for combing your hair. Comb the hair with the teeth on the scalp, which is also very harmful to the scalp. The correct combing method is to try not to let the comb teeth touch the scalp, just comb the hair. Scraping the scalp with the comb teeth may have some massage effect on the subcutaneous tissue, but The skin damage to the scalp is too great. How to distinguish the quality of the shampoo? bigger. Alkaline sulfates will react with the acidic skin epidermis. In addition, the decontamination effect is strong, and more oil will be removed, which will easily damage the skin barrier and reduce its defense ability. Regular use can easily make the scalp dry, sensitive, itchy, and even dandruff.

So you can't use it frequently. Other surfactant shampoos are generally used in combination with the above two, and do not exist alone. In addition to helium acid surfactants and sulfate surfactants, there are beets and glucosides. This type of shampoo has weak cleaning power and is suitable for people with sensitive scalps. It is often used together with the above two surfactants. Therefore, amino acid shampoos are more likely to be favored by people!!! The so-called helium acid shampoos are not Instead of adding amino acids directly to the shampoo, use surfactants with amino acids.

Because of the skin-friendly properties of amino acids, helium acid surfactants are less irritating to human skin and are very mild!!! It will not excessively absorb the skin's own oil, so it can maintain the scalp environment and its cleaning ability is weaker than sulfate Some, but it can meet the daily needs, from the perspective of safety and health, it is milder and healthier than sulfates. So it is more sought after by everyone! What is Silicon in Shampoo? The "silicon" in shampoo is a polyorganosiloxane liquid oil with a chain structure of different degrees of polymerization, which exists in the form of polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS). PDMS is commonly known as simethicone, and it is not easy to chemically react with other substances.

Since the 1950s, silicone oil has been added to shampoos and hair care products, and it has been used to this day. Why do shampoos add silicone oil? Silicone oil is added to shampoo, which can moisturize and protect hair, anti-static, and reduce friction damage between hair. First of all, silicone oil is adsorbed on the hair to form a protective layer, which can keep the moisture content in the hair stable.

The silicone oil protection layer can prevent the hair from losing moisture in low humidity conditions, and at the same time prevent the hair from excessive moisture absorption in high humidity conditions. Maintaining moderate moisture in the hair can make the hair easy to comb and easy to maintain. Customized professional hair dye saved his career. The big life in the little hair dye Common problems of oem packaging materials in cosmetics processing factories Related information news What age is milk tea suitable for? Which color hair color belongs to? Milk tea is a very beautiful color Hair color, whether it is long hair or short hair is very suitable.

What age is milk tea color suitable for? Which color family does the hair color belong to? What age is milk tea color suitable for: milk tea color is a very popular hair color now, and it is not picky at all! Can be dyed at any age. This milk tea-colored hair color itself has a sweet feeling and looks even better with makeup. The shade of milk tea color can be adjusted. Women with fair complexion can dye light milk tea color, and light golden color is more fashionable and beautiful.

Which color system does the milk tea hair color belong to: Milk tea color is one of the brown colors. Relatively speaking, the lightness of the milk tea color is relatively low, and it can be dyed with a sense of transparency on the matte surface without bleaching. And the milk tea color is also a very good-looking hair color after fading. The milk tea color with a cool tone is grayish after fading, and the milk tea color that is not a cool color tone is sandy golden after fading. The color is very light and bright. Very nice.

The milk tea color is due to the transparency of the matte surface, so the overall look will not look too mature, and it is suitable for various styling designs. Moreover, the milk tea color does not pick skin color, it is suitable for fair skin, and it is also very suitable for yellow skin. When dyeing milk tea-colored hair, you can slightly adjust the color tone according to your skin tone, mainly by controlling the ratio between red, pink, and green.

Women with darker complexion are suitable for milk tea color with darker brightness. Guangzhou Youji Daily Chemical Co., Ltd. is a 15-year-old manufacturer of hairdressing products, focusing on the research and development of mid-to-high-end hairdressing products, a mature OEM and ODM processing system, providing: hair dye processing, dye cream customization, hair dye OEM, hair dye Ointment OEM, hair styling product processing, perm processing and other processing modes, now has a national standard production workshop of 11,000 square meters, and has customized cooperation for more than 20,000 customers so far, welcome to visit! Welcome to consult our company to understand: hair dye product processing, hair dye cream processing, hair dye oem manufacturer, hair dye processing factory.

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