Do you need to use your conditioner? What should I use?


For oily hair, many people mistakenly think that the built-in oil solubility does not need to use conditioner to make hair more oily, but they do not know that oily hair also needs to use conditioner. Because hair oil does not mean that there is no lack of nutrients. Hair oil is mainly caused by endocrine disorders or lack of water. The more oily hair is, the more water-depleted the problem is. The best situation is water-oil balance. There are many types of hair conditioners on the market at present, and the functions of different products are also different. Some shampoos will provide certain oils and nutrients for dry hair, and have the effect of protecting scalp and hair scales. effect.

And these oils are a kind of stress for oily hair, which makes the scalp water and oil more imbalanced, so oily hair can use some moisturizing hair conditioner. 1. Frequently asked questions about applying conditioner to oily hair: 1. Applying conditioner to oily hair does not need to be applied immediately to the hair and hair as much as possible. Clean and tidy, so that the hair becomes silky and smooth! 2. For oily hair, choose an oil-controlling, hydrating, fresh shampoo, which can help the hair remove oil and make the hair feel refreshed! 3. Conditioner is not recommended for oily hair, but it has to be used, because the hair without conditioner will be very dry, so it cannot be used frequently when using conditioner. It can be used 2~3 times a week Once on the ends of the hair, it will not only nourish the dry hair, but also the scalp will not be too greasy! 2. Decipher why the hair is getting oily: 1. Immediately apply shampoo Many people immediately apply shampoo on their hair as soon as it gets wet after washing their hair, but they can't put water on their hands to make a bubble, so they can't wash their hair clean and can't do it Get the most out of your shampoo. 2. Scratch your scalp with your fingernails when washing your hair. Many people like to use their fingernails to trouble their itchy scalp when washing their hair. They don’t know that there are many germs in their fingernails. Once the scalp is scratched, it is easy to cause infection, so When applying shampoo, use your fingertips to gently stimulate the scalp, which can not only decontaminate but also promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis.

3. Apply conditioner to the hair because the cuticles of the scalp will stretch out when the hair is washed. If the conditioner is applied to the hair, the compounds in it will easily penetrate into or block the hair follicles, so everyone When using conditioner, you can clear your hair first, and then apply the conditioner to the tip of the hair to minimize the direct contact of the conditioner with the scalp. 4. The hair conditioner is not cleaned. Many people do not clean the hair after using the conditioner. They hope that the residual conditioner can make the hair smooth and moist for a long time, but they don’t know that the residual conditioner is easy to mix with dust. Adheres to the scalp, clogs hair follicles, and causes inflammation. Therefore, try to clean up the conditioner after applying it.

3. Oily skin degreasing tips 1. Scalp massage Moderately do some scalp massage, or use a spacious tooth comb to gently arrange the hair. Let the scalp hardened by the scorching sun in summer, and you can get a huge release of pressure at this time. Some professional hair grooming brands of combs can have calming and soothing effects, and are even effective for some hot boils and swelling on the top of the head.

Massage can make the circulatory system metabolism of the scalp smoother, thereby improving the oily scalp. 2. Shampoo should be soft. Shampoo that is very irritating will not only damage the hair but also make the hair oily, so it is necessary to choose a softer shampoo to prevent excessive irritation to the hair. 3. Wash your hair with beer. Pour the wine into a basin, add boiling water to dilute it, and the ratio is 1:2. Scoop it out with a dressable container and pour it on the hair, continuously and evenly, so that each hair can enjoy Moisturize the wine, then massage the scalp for 30 seconds, and pour the wine on the hair again. 2 consecutive times are enough. Finally, throw away the wine and use the conditioner you usually use.

If you want to work hard, you can wet your hair with wine first, wash it with water after 15 minutes, and then wash it with shampoo. Hanli Biological Hair Conditioner Processing Customized Shower Gel Processing Cosmetics OEM OEM Packaging Materials Common Problems Ionic Perm Principles, Skills and Procedures Related Information news Home perm to create beautiful hairstyles Long or short hair beauties who want to get rid of boredom and straight hair recently Fa, you can take a look. This milk tea color with inward curl can also be said to be a classic hairstyle in the hair industry! Inward curls will be matched with short and medium hair lengths, so that the inner curls with a relatively large arc make the inward curvature just at the neck, which looks sweeter , but it looks very energetic! This cool brown with wavy curly hair is particularly temperamental and high-end. Such a wavy curly hair is beautiful and romantic, and it is directly scattered, very goddess style.

If you don’t want to be too exaggerated, the gentle and temperament cloud roll is a very good choice. It can improve the fit and keep the hair fluffy. You don’t have to worry about flat and soft hair. It is suitable for students or office workers. Next, I recommend this perm solution that is suitable for both long hair and short hair, and has very good effects and convenience: 1. No need for machine automatic adjustment, cold perm program and hot perm effect. 2. The degree of curl is controlled by you, you can shape it as you like, and you can use cold ironing program for hot ironing.

3. Intelligent control, no need to remove the bar to check the curl degree, the perm time is short and easy to control. 4. Simple and convenient, you can easily perm at home without going to the barber shop to DIY perm. Efficacy: Moisturizing unique formula, long-lasting moisture lock when perming, and natural softness and luster.

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